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EON 48 hours of action BRIGHTON

Jessie Martelhof | 02.12.2008 15:53 | Climate Chaos

November 28th and 29th Brighton Activists Stage a series of actions around town centre against Eon and New Coal.

RBS/EON F. OFF Demo in Brighton
RBS/EON F. OFF Demo in Brighton

In Response the the 48 hours of action against Eon and new coal Brighton activists staged 2 actions over the 48 hours. The first action on Friday 28th Activists staged a demonstration outside the Royal Bank of Scotland with a large banner saying ‘RBS and EON fund Climate chaos’ With some subversive cleaning ladies attempting to Clean some coal but strangely to no avail – (Illustrating the unfeesability of ‘clean coal’). There was also alternative ‘banking advice’being offered to passers by, letting them know about RBS and its investments in EON and the building of a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth.

On the Saturday 29th A stampede of endangered animals decended on Brighton Town centre handing out flyers to raise awareness about EON and its plans to build at Kingsnorth. In the middle of the large shopping centre forecourt the animals staged a dramatic ‘die-in’. With bewildered shoppers and security guards crowding round this tragic scene, Mother earth herself addressed the crowd and explained what might happen to the animal kingdom and the human one if EON and other Coal hungry companies were allowed to have their way and wreak climate havoc!

Jessie Martelhof
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RBS Kingsnorth investment akin to Bank of China

19.01.2009 16:31

Thought you might like to know there is a direct Scottish Link betweed Kingsnorth and the Scottish Judge and Lawlord Lord Kingarth (actually Kingsnorth in Burkes Peerage) - RBS have no morals at all and have been questioned previously in America for racism in their southern States owned banks, for failing to give loans to qualified Black and mexican people and furthemore, RBS was involved in the Enron scandal and auditor Arthur Anderson (with the last FSA Chief Executive John Tiner - with AA since 1976 until it was dissolved) when they nefariously bought apower station in Northern England, to try and improve the books of the failing and corrupt enron - now RBS are involved in the Satryam scandal - dubbed India's Enron scandal and also directly again with a collapsed hedge fund - New Star Asset Management - whose director and founder is John Tiner - that is why the FSA never touched RBS, either over the Southern #Water scandal and fraud (overcharging customers and selling all the land around the waterways and cutting back on safety and pollution measures) and is why RBS and their vast insurance network of over 150 companies, including Direct Line, Churchill, Prudential and UK Insurance, who self underwrite themselves (illegal) and do all the Tesco business - look at the bottom of the Insurance, Life policies and other insurance in Tesco's - you will see RBS address ar 36 St.Andrew's square and UK insurance - owned by them entirely - I have been in cout against RBS Direct Line since 1992 in the Scottish Court of Session - RBS are morally corrupt, renege on their contracts and will invest in China with all its human rights and pollution problems, fraudulent power companies and EoN polluters - Thought some of this information might be useful to you and in your worthy campaign - Stuart

stuart wilkie
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