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Picnic in the Park - Photos Shipley Open Cast Site, Derbyshire

tog | 27.10.2008 00:30 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Sheffield

Photos from the Picnic in the Park at Shipley Open Cast Site, Derbyshire

Hold on; ill ring you
Hold on; ill ring you

the future for the site
the future for the site

The whole area is now ready for open cast working and coal extraction is likely to begin shortly by UK Coal.

Protesters were told that the area is still under a court order and that entering the site is arrestable (no longer civil trespass) but this didn't stop the protesters who went on anyway to have their picnic.

This was rudely interrupted as a person from the high court tried to get them to move, and seized the Veggies catering trolley and escorted some protesters off.

The police looked on in a hungry manner at the protests organisation to have a picnic with good healthy food.

After they went up to the entrance of what used to be Prospect farm aka Bodge House, now demolished.

The coal extraction is about to start according to locals

No New Coal

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