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Animal Rights Activists Remanded in Custody

ACAB | 16.10.2008 18:11 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles

here is a short summary of the facts so far in regard to the 4 activists arrested the other day please do not speculate further in the public domain.

The Facts.

-4 Northern Activists where arrested in the early hours of the morning.
-The vehicle they where in contained animal rights leaflets and posters, no tool's, no animal carriers nothing illegal.
-They where pulled over and arrested half an hour after a alarm had been set of at a rabbit breeders and as the activists had wet trousers they where arrested and brought into custody.
-They have been remanded in custody and will be appearing in court next week.

What people need to stop say as there is no truth behind it:

-They where NOT an ALF cell
-They where NOT liberating animals
-They where NOT up to anything criminal

Remember the courts like to spin things and things said on Indymedia have been used in court before, don't give the CPS ammo to use in court against innocent people by making non factual reports and speculating.



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