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Rossport Solidarity Action - Brighton.

River Welch | 11.09.2008 14:37 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Globalisation | South Coast | World

In Solidarity with Rossport and the on going protests against Corrib's gas pipeline development, Brighton activists Occupy the roof of SHELL gargage.

Two activists are currently occupying the roof of the Shell petrol garage on Preston Road, Brighton in solidarity with the communities resisting the Corrib gas pipeline development in Rossport, Ireland. This action is in response to an urgent call out made by the Rossport solidarity camp due to the presence of the pipe laying vessel, the Solitaire, in Broadhaven bay and the imminent commencement of the building of the pipeline.

The ship that is to build the pipeline is booked for the next two weeks. If Shell is able to follow its timetable to bring the pipeline into land, this will create massive problems for any resistance to the project in the future. Shell will be creating ‘facts on the ground’ which will essentially make it easier to push through a decision on the land route, which local residents and campaigners have been fighting against. If work is prevented at this time, it is unlikely that the ship will be able to return for at least two years as it has already been booked up.

Since 2005 there has been massive resistance, including a strong campaign of civil disobedience, from the local community, around Ireland and beyond.

River Welch



11.09.2008 15:45

Fit Watch
Fit Watch

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11.09.2008 15:27

The two protesters came down sometime after 3-30 and were immediately arrested following an accusation by the manager (a really nasty piece of work) of criminal damage to the roof. Quite how she knew this without looking can be for the courts to decide (can't wait). They are now in Hollingbury Custody suite.


Electronic Action against Shell Ireland.

11.09.2008 20:40

Some people have suggested that we all ring up the Shell HQ reception desk in Dublin, but I disagree, there's no point in antagonising the poor receptionist.

I wouldn't condone such behaviour, but, if, hypothetically speaking I were to do it, I think I would have found better numbers on their website here's some better ones, more likely to be used by customers. e.g.

Gerry Stone, Aviation Sales Manager, 353 1 202 8888 or send an email to
or his mobile is 353-86-254-4649

Shell's Marine oil and Lubricants:

353-1 1850 565757 (RoI)
0800 028 2838 (NI)

Bitumen Manager, Gearóid Lohan on 353 1 2028588
or e-mail

For Lubricant orders, please call:
1850 454545 (RoI)
0800 9172323 (NI)

For Lubricant Technical enquiries call:

1850 515616 (RoI)
0800 1692726 (NI)

The Shell Chemicals Sales Executive in Ireland is Mr. Mark Dalton who is based in Cork, contact can be made via 1850 200 572, you can ask for him, and/ or discuss queries and orders for our large range of Chemical and Hydrocarbon Solvents can be made by contacting our Customer Service Centre on the same number 1850 200572, calls from anywhere in Ireland are at a local call rate.

Card Unit please phone (353) (1) 2028703/2028886,
fax (01) 2828318 or e-mail our card unit at

(of course if you know anyone sympathetic in the industry.... get some even better ones)

That's maybe what I would do if I was so inclined.

And if you're the humorous type, make a Borat type call, or a Monica Looley from Ahascraw or use one of those soundcard devices where they find themselves getting random questions from Darth Vader or the Drill Sgt from Full Metal Jacket (check out YouTube if you don't know what I'm talking about)