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Rossport Solidarity Action - Brighton.

River Welch | 11.09.2008 14:37 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Globalisation | South Coast | World

In Solidarity with Rossport and the on going protests against Corrib's gas pipeline development, Brighton activists Occupy the roof of SHELL gargage.

Two activists are currently occupying the roof of the Shell petrol garage on Preston Road, Brighton in solidarity with the communities resisting the Corrib gas pipeline development in Rossport, Ireland. This action is in response to an urgent call out made by the Rossport solidarity camp due to the presence of the pipe laying vessel, the Solitaire, in Broadhaven bay and the imminent commencement of the building of the pipeline.

The ship that is to build the pipeline is booked for the next two weeks. If Shell is able to follow its timetable to bring the pipeline into land, this will create massive problems for any resistance to the project in the future. Shell will be creating ‘facts on the ground’ which will essentially make it easier to push through a decision on the land route, which local residents and campaigners have been fighting against. If work is prevented at this time, it is unlikely that the ship will be able to return for at least two years as it has already been booked up.

Since 2005 there has been massive resistance, including a strong campaign of civil disobedience, from the local community, around Ireland and beyond.

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11.09.2008 15:45

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