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NW // Mersyside cops posing as lifts for Saturday Anti-BNP Demo...

NETCU WATCH | 14.08.2008 12:27 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | Globalisation | Repression

We had a phone call offer last night from someone calling themselves Steve saying they could pick us up for the demo in Derby this weekend.

They could pick us up early on Saturday morning, what was our home address...? My brother kindly said we wouldn't be picked up from our address and he would get me to ring the guy back. So he left his number... 0151 709 6010 to which a kind voice replied Merseyside police how can I help you...

Just thought I would let everyone know in case of lift offers. Watch out because the fash might be offering lifts also...

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The police arn't that stupid

14.08.2008 15:54

And they could afford a pay as you go mobile or two.

One or two members of the BNP might be that stupid though.


Can anyone else smell?

15.08.2008 12:01

This smells a lot like bullshit! The police aren't that stupid to give the number of a phone in the station. They'd use a mobile number at least. I'm a former policeman.

Smells like attention seeking

Good Nose


15.08.2008 12:46

Why would he leave the Switchboard number??!?!


For anyone doubting police stupidity

15.08.2008 15:09

Watch the video link above god damnit!!! The police car is even in the background as the bank robbery takes place...and they get away...quality material.

I imagine the cops were planning to give over a mobile number, but 1471 is a more accurate way of getting the callers phone number, obviously. Who knows? Maybe they had no signal in the station after going into a quiet room for a chat.