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NW // Mersyside cops posing as lifts for Saturday Anti-BNP Demo...

NETCU WATCH | 14.08.2008 12:27 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | Globalisation | Repression

We had a phone call offer last night from someone calling themselves Steve saying they could pick us up for the demo in Derby this weekend.

They could pick us up early on Saturday morning, what was our home address...? My brother kindly said we wouldn't be picked up from our address and he would get me to ring the guy back. So he left his number... 0151 709 6010 to which a kind voice replied Merseyside police how can I help you...

Just thought I would let everyone know in case of lift offers. Watch out because the fash might be offering lifts also...

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  1. The police arn't that stupid — Mike
  2. The police are that stupid... — ACAB
  3. Can anyone else smell? — Good Nose
  4. Hmmm... — Merseysider
  5. For anyone doubting police stupidity — ex-cop