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Eagle Asset Dumps All HLS Shares

Win Animal Rights (WAR) | 17.07.2008 21:23 | SHAC | Analysis | Animal Liberation | London | World

LSR Shares: 523,079 | Value: $14,175,000 | Ownership: 4.13%


Win Animal Rights confirms sale
Win Animal Rights confirms sale

The announcement is from Win Animal Rights (WAR) in the USA, who are coordinating the campaign against HLS in the east coast.

They are militant about their opposition to animal abuse at HLS (home demos, supporting direct action etc), so this might explain why 'Becky Ginger' prefered spamming indymedia with the news instead of providing WAR's link for the source.

No explanation why, yet. Bite Back ( or NAAPLO ( 'might' tell us something soon, or activists may of demonstrated enough aboveground against the purchase causing the sale.

Source will be added asap (once finance sheets are updated).

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Win Animal Rights (WAR)
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WAR's Operation IX2

18.07.2008 10:42

LSR's Major Institutional Investors:

Click on the links below investors for contact information:

== Eagle Asset Management, Inc. ==

== H Partners Capital/Management LLC ==


RJF Statement

18.07.2008 11:01

They make the ethical choice to ditch HLS/LSR.

After being made aware of the cruelty inside HLS, throught protests in London and in the USA. Along with polite emails from across the world. Eagle Asset Management/Raymond James have sold their half a million shares in LSR on 15th July, we thank them for taking an ethical stance on this and to stop dealing with HLS/LSR. Thank you for your support!

"Eagle Asset Management and Raymond James Financial do not hold shares of Life Sciences Research (LSR)."

Denise Watson,

PC Ian Skivens (CO5494/LX365)
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This Explains It....

20.07.2008 00:51

On July 5th WAR protested at the home of Peter Delahunt: (Executive of Raymond James);

Demo #3: Peter Delahunt, Raymond James (parent company of Eagle Assets), HLS Investor

At perhaps the most productive of the demos, activists visited the home of Peter Delahunt who works at Raymond James (who in turn owns Eagle Asset, the company that bought roughly 11 million dollars worth of HLS stock recently).

Activists were only chanting for a short time before a smiling and mostly friendly Peter Delahunt came outside to find out why people were outside his building, making noise, and accusing him and his company of animal abuse.

Mister Delahunt was very friendly and reasonable and had a good conversation with activists. Activists were surprised to learn that Mr. Delahunt had no idea of the cruelty that goes on at HLS and his jaw dropped when he learned some of the facts and stories.

Hopefully protesters won't have to return to this location and Raymond James/Eagle Assets will have sold their shares before the next day of demos.


On July 16, 2008, Win Animal Rights received multiple e-mail messages from Raymond James Financial and their subsidiary Eagle Asset Management. All e-mails notified us that Eagle Assets/Raymond James had sold their 523,000 shares of LSR stock. This stock was valued at over $14,000,000 making Eagle Assets the largest single institutional shareholder.

One e-mail received was of an official nature, it said simply:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Please be advised that Eagle Asset and Raymond James Financial do not hold shares of HLS (LSR). Please remove any reference stating otherwise.

Thank you.

CIPP Privacy and Data Protection Management RAYMOND JAMES FINANCIAL"

The second e-mail was more personal and followed a series of e-mails that resulted from a conversation that took place at a New York home visit of a Raymond James executive. This Raymond James executive wrote, in part:

"...Thank you for all the information. I haven't received the package as yet, however I was able to do my own research and confirm your allegations.

As such I have convinced the appropriate powers at Eagle Asset Management to divest of all holdings of LSR. You will be glad to know that all the shares have been sold as of yesterday....".

We congratulate Eagle Asset Management and Raymond James for making a compassionate and ethical decision. A heartfelt thank you to the Raymond James associate that helped make this possible and a very, very special thank you to all of the activists that responded to the calls for action with protests, letters and phone calls.

Source: Email from the WAR mailing list

So, believe it or not, it was actually a home visit and a civilised conversation that disposed of HLS' largest institutional investor!

You couldn't make it up!!!