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Eagle Asset Dumps All HLS Shares

Win Animal Rights (WAR) | 17.07.2008 21:23 | SHAC | Analysis | Animal Liberation | London | World

LSR Shares: 523,079 | Value: $14,175,000 | Ownership: 4.13%


Win Animal Rights confirms sale
Win Animal Rights confirms sale

The announcement is from Win Animal Rights (WAR) in the USA, who are coordinating the campaign against HLS in the east coast.

They are militant about their opposition to animal abuse at HLS (home demos, supporting direct action etc), so this might explain why 'Becky Ginger' prefered spamming indymedia with the news instead of providing WAR's link for the source.

No explanation why, yet. Bite Back ( or NAAPLO ( 'might' tell us something soon, or activists may of demonstrated enough aboveground against the purchase causing the sale.

Source will be added asap (once finance sheets are updated).

More info see:
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Win Animal Rights (WAR)
- Homepage:


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