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Raytheon 9 Acquited in Belfast!

Damien a collection | 12.06.2008 05:13 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces

Raytheon 9 Defendants Freed from Belfast Court Respond to their Acquital

Youtube (4min) Catholic Worker Solidarity Vigil at Dublin GPO with Raytheon 9

This is the sms message that broke the news to me and it seems the world outside of the Belfast courtroom: 'Raytheon 9 in Belfast Acquitted on all charges - Eamonn McCann guilty of theft - got conditional discharge'.

Here is Ciaron's recent feature article on Indymedia which has updates on the proceedings:

Below is a brief interview I did with Eamonn McCann, one of the Raytheon 9 ( ) and veteran civil rights campaigner from Derry, Northern Ireland, speaking from Qana, Lebanon, (July 2007) on the 1st anniversary of the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon with Raytheon produced missiles.

This is a link to my report from Lebanon last summer after spending time with members of the DAWC, Raytheon 9 visiting areas torn apart by he war.

Irish Activists in Lebanon on 1st Anniversary of Israel's War

I'm sure a full report of the day's court proceeding, interviews with the defendants, etc. will follow soon. Please keep an eye on and

The Raytheon Nine can receive messages of support
and can be contacted at

Journalist and socialist Eammon McCann has written a pamphlet titled Resisting War Crimes Is Not a Crime: The Raytheon 9 which can be obtained for £2 / ¤3 from the Derry Anti War Coalition at the above address or from Anti War Ireland ( You can also buy it via Paypal on www.raytheon9. org

Congratulations to the Raytheon 9 and their supporters who helped them over the past 2 years. This is an absolutely fantastic victory. Please spread the news wide and far.
In solidarity,

Damien Moran

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