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The Sequani Six say thanks for the support

Someone | 27.04.2008 20:12 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | Birmingham

A Letter of Thanks, to the Supporters of the Sequani Six

As we believe the jury will `go out` soon, probably on Wednesday, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to send our thanks, to all the wonderful, caring people who have responded to the appeal for travel funds for the Sequani defendants. The generosity of the donations, and the good-will and support shown, in the messages, has been over-whelming. The fund has covered the travel expenses for all six people, for the 16 weeks that this trial has lasted, and has been a huge help to all of them. The defendants also wish to thank the little group of friends and supporters, who have attended the court on every possible occasion, and attempted to be of help, when things have been most difficult during the 4 months this disgraceful `trial` has dragged on for!

Sean Kirtley, Pauline Burgess, Jo Goodyear, Rose Golding, Gemma Astbury and Wendy Clark, send all of you, their heartfelt thanks, for the generosity, kindness and support you have shown them, and hope that you will keep them in your thoughts, especially in this coming week, whilst they wait for the verdicts.

Love and respect to you all,

Coventry Animal Alliance

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27.04.2008 21:05

I couldn't make it to the trial to give them support, but I'm hoping for a favourable outcome for them. The whole trial along with the charges are a complete fix.



28.04.2008 22:35

the longest vegan A/L trial in UK history?

Good luck to the six for challenging SOCPA!


suppport justice?

29.04.2008 09:27

Till now I never understood the reason of the policy and prudence of the Spaniards in suffering the Inquisition among them:and certainly it will never be well with us, till something like the Spanish Inquisition be in England.
The London recorder`s observation on a trial :Penn and Meade.

Al Asitis

Six - I thought that there was Seven

29.04.2008 12:12

I'm sure that this was the Sequani Seven at the start - what happened to the seventh?


Confused be not

29.04.2008 13:32

The`s plea was called a plea BARGAIN! for some unfathomable reason. Beware Offerings from persecutors. So a deal was done.

Al Asitis

So one is gulity but the others not?

02.05.2008 09:03

There seems to be confusion about guilt - one is but the others say they are not.

Still Confused

'Still confused' by your agenda ......

02.05.2008 09:48

Sometimes people are persuaded to plead guilty through legal advice - (lawyers tend to be conservative human beings who are capable of making mistakes, or being blinded by their own prejudice) - this does not necessarily mean that the defendant is actually guilty, nor does it mean that the other six are.

What is the basis of your confusion here?

Ken Livingstone's dead newt

to 'still confused'

02.05.2008 16:30

Get down to the court on Tuesday May 6th. Check it out for yourself ... saying that, you may just have been present there for the last 16 weeks anyway. We'll never know!

cop watch

solidarity ...

02.05.2008 22:54

with the six.

All the best, stay strong.

Freedom to Protest!


points raised

06.05.2008 21:39

Dear Confused,
To avert any misunderstanding you may have:Everyone USED to be innocent until proven guilty,the events that are unfolding must convince or at least be easing to your confused state these facts.
The process that is happening,on a global scale, (although I will concentrate on this country)......
You are seen at a protest,you are photographed and or filmed at that protest,you may be arrested if you are not animal rights, if you are you will be arrested because the computer says YES, It also says ALL Protest outside animal testing establishments and companies that are involved or connected to same, will not be tolerated. So if you decided to protest outside a company that had just been dealing with the blocked drains of the above,you would be seen to be guilty of: Interfering with a contractual relationship, I shall not go on about the legal implications,just suffice to say the home secretary has the right under law to extend this and other laws contained in S.O.C.P.A. 2005.To any situation!!!
You may be arrested on the spot if you are lucky,the police do not like the thought of any a/r people having `luck,so you hear a noise ,like a howitzer shell hitting your front door if it is not already open.The next thing you will hear will be` I arrest you blah blah blah.You are transported to some station of the arresting ....ers then locked up after all the other formalities have been played out,you are then placed in a cell,stinking of urine mixed with air freshener,the pits.You are in there for a lot longer than you think..9hrs?...24?hrs more? they do what they want and take their time about it,and they want to give them more time?....
Food is optional,although there are rules governing food and drink for persons in custody,Its Optional .
You then have a chance to consult with a duty solicitor,what the duty is who knows, then is the time to get confused.You will be amazed at the questions you will be asked, especially as you have had no food and been breathing bad air for X amount of hours.Anyway you will have getting home on your mind,although you could be remanded in custody.
You will have paperwork coming out of your ears while you wait two years for the trial,worrying losing weight,insomnia etc.Then you find that you are in a court of law`what could possibly go wrong now that I am in a court of law`You are about to find out just how perverted justice can become, from the start you will become so stupefied and at the same time numbed by the prosecutors badgering of prosecution witnesses, until he gets what He wants the jury to hear.You will be astounded by the lack of any challenges from your defence team when you know lies are being extracted from the witnesses.All this is dragged on and on for weeks? months? because the case against you is really what every reasonable person believes in, `Your right to protest`.You cannot believe that you have a case to answer,you are not allowed to protest in a democracy?
You cannot interfere with any form of income to the government of any capitalist/police state/call it what you will.The judge will point this out to the jury, in not the same words,but thats what he is telling them many many times. Oh! and just to make sure, the head kangaroo goes over the prosecution case, with embellishments added,these are called Judges !!! These are called courts of Justice! You cannot believe it,how can this be....MMMM a whiff of something sweet to some but death to others...if you win this case you will be promoted to a higher level,we need people like you. Mein Gott! What on earth has this country come to. Justice No Way..Hang your heads in shame.
Shit now I`m confused.
anyway why should one be punished before a trial,why is the government trying to do away with legal aid?and why is the government going to do away with jury trial.and why won`t any Q.C take up the cases.
They can also hang their heads in shame.
One of the most prominent QC`s in the country does pro bono work.
Still, No fucker lives forever.

Al Asitispionts r