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The Sequani Six say thanks for the support

Someone | 27.04.2008 20:12 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | Birmingham

A Letter of Thanks, to the Supporters of the Sequani Six

As we believe the jury will `go out` soon, probably on Wednesday, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to send our thanks, to all the wonderful, caring people who have responded to the appeal for travel funds for the Sequani defendants. The generosity of the donations, and the good-will and support shown, in the messages, has been over-whelming. The fund has covered the travel expenses for all six people, for the 16 weeks that this trial has lasted, and has been a huge help to all of them. The defendants also wish to thank the little group of friends and supporters, who have attended the court on every possible occasion, and attempted to be of help, when things have been most difficult during the 4 months this disgraceful `trial` has dragged on for!

Sean Kirtley, Pauline Burgess, Jo Goodyear, Rose Golding, Gemma Astbury and Wendy Clark, send all of you, their heartfelt thanks, for the generosity, kindness and support you have shown them, and hope that you will keep them in your thoughts, especially in this coming week, whilst they wait for the verdicts.

Love and respect to you all,

Coventry Animal Alliance

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