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Total impunity: Shoot-to-kill commander McDowall promoted as 'anti-terror chief'

teresa | 13.12.2007 09:44 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | London | World

Does this Top terror role for the Menezes officer mean that it has been accepted that we adopt a routine "shoot to kill any suspect policy" from now on?

"The man who launched the surveillance operation that led to Jean
Charles de Menezes's death has been appointed to the UK's top counter-terrorist role.

Cdr John McDowall will take over from Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke as national co-ordinator of terrorist investigations.

He will also lead the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism unit SO15."


from the archives:

"So what is new here, is not police murdering people. It's that
they dare to do it in broad daylight, admit they did it, and pledge
to do it again! Basically, shoot-to-kill has been covert British
police policy for a long time section 3

but now they've found a way to make it look legitimate, to bring it
out in the open so they can do it more overtly."


De Menezes family 'absolutely disgusted' at Cressida Dick promotion




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  1. Yes — War of Terror
  2. Assassination by agents of the British State. — Glyndwr