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Careers Development Group

Keith Parkins | 27.11.2007 18:42 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Careers Development Group is one of the training groups Brown want to send the unemployed under New Deal for the unemployed. Is he taking the piss?

We heard yesterday from Gordon Brown and the skills minister, that they are not going to tolerate shirkers and skivers on unemployment benefit, or Jobseekers as they are now known.

Instead, after 6 months, they will be put on New Deal, their skills or lack thereof, will be assessed, and they will be then sent for compulsory training.

It would appear though that this traing is already compulsory, or did Brown and his minister lie or are the Job Centres lying when they say 'training' is mandatory, and if Jobseekers refuse to attend, they will be sanctioned, ie all benefits stopped for up to six months.

One such training organisation is Careers Development group, or as they are also known CDG or CDG UK.

On their web site CDG claim 'The End of the Road for Unemployment'. It should read 'The End of the Road for Unemployed'!!!!

Before Brown pours more money down the drain, he ought to check out these cowboy outfits. Every independent report on New Deal has shown it does not work.

Was it a case of being surrounded by sleaze, banking crisis, lost data, that Brown was trying to bury bad news? Kick the unemployed to try and milk a few points out of the opinion poll ratings?

As the blog shows,

money down the drain.

Keith Parkins


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