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Edo Blockaders charged with 'Conspiracy to Cause Criminal Damage'

Smashy | 12.10.2007 16:31 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | London | South Coast

Update on people arrested at EDO on 3rd October

Five people arrested on 3rd October (for aggravated trespass and obstruct police) have had their charges altered to 'Conspiracy to Cause Criminal Damage'. This is a much more serious charge which carries a maximum life sentence. The extent of the allegations against them are that they or person unknown locked on to the front doors of the factory and superglued the locks causing EDO MBM to have to break a window to get in and change the locks.

They will appear at Brighton Magistrate's Court at 9.30 am on Thursday 18th October to have the case transferred to the Crown Court.

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