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Noborders Demo, Crawley

noborders-imc video | 21.09.2007 10:13 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration | Birmingham

A short video of the welcome demo in Crawley, Sussex.

Length 2:49
Quicktime MP4, H264

Includes interviews with Crawley residents and a quick overview of the political objectives of the noborder camp.

noborders-imc video


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Freedom of movement - for whom?

21.09.2007 13:35

The problem with 'freedom of movement for all' is that it normally means everyone else coming here, and usually at our expense, and with all the problems this normally brings. Does anyone care to ask the indigenous population of the UK as to whether they like the idea of God knows how many immigrants coming here?

Elsewhere: Gordon Brown plans on building 3 million new homes - goodbye countryside - "In order to solve the social housing problem currently facing England". Enough said.


Do you mean white people steve?

21.09.2007 13:41

And have you been asleep for the last 60 years or something?

"The Indymedia UK website provides an interactive platform for reports from the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy. The reports cover a wide range of issues and social movements - from neighbourhood campaigns to grassroots mobilisations, from critical analysis to direct action."

You don't seem to get it.......



21.09.2007 14:14

Oh God, how predictable. It matters not what colour the indigenous people are, nor for that matter what colour the immigrants are! I don't want anyone else - white, black, yellow, red or whatever - moving here for the simple reason that this country cannot sustain uncontrolled growth in population.

Yes I am aware of the problems facing many people in many countries, which is why I would support a British government doing all it could to help sort out the problems in those countries, ie getting to the root of the problem.

Question: just how many people should we allow to come and live here? Another million? Five million? Fifty million? I'm sure there's a lot more who would dearly love to come here! Would you be prepared for the consequences of such a movement of people to your country?

Finally, if/when global warming does happen I imagine most of those who think like you will very rapidly be in favour of border control!

Idealism is one thing, reality another.


predictable is what we don't need

21.09.2007 14:45

hey steve,
it is maybe hard to believe but not everyone who comes to your "beautiful" country comes coz they want to. they force to live for the many reason i' m not to list here coz i think you can find it yourself. and yep, climate change it is already happening you may not see it from your home but millions of people are displaced already as a consequence of the weather.
your government will never solve the problem at the roots coz at the roots there is you, i mean that in order to live as we do on this side of the planet other have to suffer, never heard about 20% of the population consume 80% of resources? or do you think it is another myth?
Our government exploit and with the help of mass media the portray the life we are living as something to defend, most of us anyway are exploited as well in the schools, workplaces etc.
so i don't think the answer is to look at immigrant as enemies or that the government will get rid of green belts to build houses for them.
We are all struggling for a better life? we should think first what it is a better life in the first place...... can be the research of shining things or to research a way to live without destroying the only world we have....

have a nice journey....


Freedom of movement for everyone

21.09.2007 15:09

Hi Steve,

I think the first thing that needs to be challenged about your argument is your perception of "uncontrolled growth in population". This is not really true at all, this country needs more people, especially skilled workers. Your entire implicit argument comes from the xenophobic point of view that immigrants are useless/scroungers and have nothing to offer. People like you are perfectly happy to have cheap Polish plumbers fix you toilet and have nurses from Thailand patch you up after a night on the piss, whilst their societies suffer from a skills drain.

I noticed how you mention you support "a British government doing all it could to help sort out the problems in those countries, ie getting to the root of the problem". Have you not considered that the reason people are leaving their countries and coming over here is because our government is the very organisation that has caused problems over "there"?

If you really were "aware of the problems facing many people in many countries" you would know about the British government's involvement in arms sales to despotics regimes (Somalia, Israel), that Iraq is an incredibly dangerous place to live, that Britain has been benefiting from criminally unjust trading terms with Africa for decades which has kept the continent in poverty, and that the impending global warming catastrophe has been primarily caused by rich western nations who have reaped the economic benefits of global warming which will be at the eventual expense of the poorest and most marginalised on this planet.

Despite your immense stupidity I am sure you are not stupid enough to realise that our government is only interested in our economy because that is ultimately what people think of when they are at the ballot box.

This is the reality of the situation, if you actually give a fuck like you claim to then get involved and do something about it instead of expecting "the government" to solve it!


Predictable indeed.

21.09.2007 15:25

It is indeed predictable that when you start talking about the "indigenous population", that people will suspect a racist agenda Steve.

"just how many people should we allow to come and live here?"

Who exactly are "we" and how are "we" in control of other peoples movements Steve?


and more...

21.09.2007 19:21

You are all remarkably naive.

Oh yes, we love Polish workers. Actually, I work for an industry where wages are being driven down by the influx of cheap labour from Poland and elsewhere. And skilled workers? Just how many immigrants are 'skilled workers'. Still, I notice that no one has answered my question as to how many you would let in - 50 million perhaps? Perhaps the whole continent of Africa might like to move here. A stupid proposal? Perhaps, but this is what your idea amounts to, taken to its logical conclusion.

I also notice that your oh-so PC attitudes never go so far as to looking at the plight of the elderly and needy here. Explain it to my aunt, whom I watched struggle for years alone to look after her elderly husband with alzheimers, with barely any financial help offered, when it seems an endless river of cash is offered to immigrants.

Nevertheless, I would still be willing to see a portion of my taxes go towards helping sort out the problems of other countries. Yes, of course that is unlikely to happen. But it is the only realistic solution. Allowing uncontrolled numbers of people to come here, many of whom can hardly speak the language, does nothing to address the problems in their native countries. It simply adds more problems to ours. Oh sorry, I forgot I am not allowed to have any nationalistic pride for fear of being labelled racist.

Fortunately your dumb ass idea will never be accepted, and though I hate to say it, for once I am glad that I am part of the majority on this. Still, I hope that we are all open minded to welcome differences of opinion on Indymedia. All too often freedom of speech is only welcomed when the opinion in question comes with the approval of all concerned.

Wake up and face the real world my friends.


"it seems an endless river of cash is offered to immigrants"

22.09.2007 16:12

Yes - so say the same papers that run the "they eat the queen's swans" stories.

Anyway Steve, so you support incarcerating people for daring to try to get away from oppression.

Heres the Indymedia Mission Statement again:

"The Indymedia UK website provides an interactive platform for reports from the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy. The reports cover a wide range of issues and social movements - from neighbourhood campaigns to grassroots mobilisations, from critical analysis to direct action."

Me thinks you're in the wrong place.......



24.09.2007 11:38

Did you know that last year more people left this country than came into it? The problems you speak of, wages being driven down, a shortage of housing, etc are in fact a class issue, not a race one. These things have nothing to do with immigrants and especially not the ones that our government is locking up and deporting. What they do have to do with are the class divide / pay divide and the number of people with two or more homes. There are plenty of houses on this bit of land we call a country but a lot of them are lying empty. Also, this country has no 'indigenous population', all of us are made up of Stone Age Britons, Celts, Romans (which would have included South and North Europeans, North Africans, Middle Eastern Peoples and black people), Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Norman-French and all of the modern migrant groups from the past 100 years or so. People have always moved around and the concept of nations is actually relatively new.

The enormous majority of migration is actually within the third world, it is a difficult and dangerous journey to reach this country. Britain is supposed to be a free and democratic country and yet the conditions asylum seekers face when they arrive here are often almost as bad as the ones they were fleeing. Also, most of the problems in the countries people are fleeing were caused, or at least added to by the west. The British government sells arms to 80 per cent of the world's conflict zones and climate change, estimated to be the number one reason for emigration with numbers only set to increase was mostly caused by the lavish lifestyles of the west. At present we are basically imprisoning people within borders, forcing them into low paid jobs producing goods that are then flown over here to us. We have free movement of capital but not people. The concept of problems being caused by immigrants is actually a government and corporate 'divide and rule' tactic to increase race divisions and distract from what is really going on, which is actually an increasingly tight system of control over the population, beginning (conveniently enough) with with those we are taught to see as 'other' by escalating media race propaganda. I would urge you to look up the new "anti-terrorist" laws under the security section of the home office website and look into what the new ID cards will bring.

We need to start trusting one another, because we can't trust our governments.

Dusted down but the same old prattle

24.09.2007 12:16

Thats right steve, wages are being driven down by swarms of east europeans who are flooding the country taking honest John Bulls children's jobs!
Dear oh dear, that idea seems a rerun of the swarms of Irish migrants who supposedly flooded the Labour market and depressed wages during auld Victoria Saxe-Coburg and Gotha's (a right un-foreign name there innit) time till Lizzie's 60's

Nothing to do with the export of capital to countries where labour is cheap?
Presumably you don't buy cheap Chinese goods Steve, but keep the home fires of good old English manufacturing base and its middlemen burning by supplying them with your ever decreasing hard earned! Yeah right!

Oh I can't be bothered to continue, England would be a green and pleasant land with generous caring employers and happy well contented employees if it weren't for bloody Johnny foreigner, exclusive of all the Park Lane refugees (who fled after fleecing the coffers of their respective countries) it goes with out saying

Ear ache