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Noborders Demo, Crawley

noborders-imc video | 21.09.2007 10:13 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration | Birmingham

A short video of the welcome demo in Crawley, Sussex.

Length 2:49
Quicktime MP4, H264

Includes interviews with Crawley residents and a quick overview of the political objectives of the noborder camp.

noborders-imc video


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  1. Freedom of movement - for whom? — Steve
  2. Do you mean white people steve? — indigeous?
  3. Predictable — Steve
  4. predictable is what we don't need — cenutrio
  5. Freedom of movement for everyone — Mike
  6. Predictable indeed. — indigenous?
  7. and more... — Steve
  8. "it seems an endless river of cash is offered to immigrants" — indigenous?
  9. Steve, — We need to start trusting one another, because we can't trust our governments.
  10. Dusted down but the same old prattle — Ear ache