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Say Hello To Liverpool's New Social Centre

Liverpool IMC | 14.09.2007 19:59 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Liverpool

At 7pm on Saturday 15th September, the door was unlocked at Next To Nowhere in Bold Street, and Liverpool's new social centre was 'officially' opened, although there weren't any mayors or anything like that. However, there was a whole week of great events, starting with a party and ending with a film night.

Opening night gig and party|Oaxaca Info Night|Conspiracy Evening|Liverpool IMC Info Night|Introduction To Anarchism|The Boy Who Dropped An Egg On The World|Free Screen

...and that's an order
...and that's an order

Calendar of Coming Events and Meetings|Social centre website|Article from Nerve magazine|

Flyers Grand Opening Week|Oaxaca Info Night|Introduction To Anarchism

Liverpool IMC


Best of luck

21.09.2007 13:27

Hello from Dublin,

We're having the launch of our new social centre this weekend too:

We've moved to our third home but its by far the biggest and best to date, it is brilliant! Just shows that getting kicked out of one place isn't always the worst thing that can happen.
I think we'll be at the London Anarchist bookfair and there is a discussion on social centres on the agenda so hopefully we can meet up!

Seomra Spraoi (for those of ye not fluent in Irish it kinda means playroom or room of fun!)

mail e-mail: seomraspraoi at
- Homepage:


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15.09.2007 09:19

i was following orde. . . . the overwhelming power of suggesti. . . .
HAVE A GOOD DAY. . . . days, in fact.
. . . . doing things for the "remember each eleventh" bits?
see postings, most recent, here, 13/9/11 - as easy as putting up a few "(ex/)soldiers for peace" latest information, or talks about different ways of seeing the "past", ways to remember, etc.
love,rage,sentience,plus. . . .
! ! ! !

ace "pondscum" peace process humour in the commentary too!
what do you need - by the way - loads of veggie chocolate biscuit s com ing up!!!!
( to go with all the happy cuppas . . . . is there a way to "launch" a good caff that has the same effect as breaking a bottle across the bows of a warship, or a sort of "lucky sprig of gypsy magnets" to put over the door to ward off minderbinderwarbuxprofiteers, bailiffs, boring moments or "whose washing up then" arguments! (back to EARTH! )
(wonderful worlds happen most when we work out ways to "cleanhouse" with least hassle too . . . . hence choccy bickies, grins, etc. A cunning plot that doesnt try "cunning", in fact, that isnt a plot - thats probably why it works. The secret is with the . . . . etc) - see ya!

cheers, - . . . . coming!

All the best and what is it called?

16.09.2007 13:44

Has anyone given this a name yet?

Brighton has The Cowley Club, so is there someone who is can be named after with a connection to Liverpool? Otherwise, has anyone a radical alternative?


The name is...

17.09.2007 09:09

... "Next To Nowhere" it says so in the article...?!?!?! The name comes from the the fact that it is next door to Liverpool's radical comminuty bookshop "News From Nowhere" who's name in turn comes from the book of the same name by William Morris.... which is a very very old piece of utopian socialism xxxx

mr you


17.09.2007 11:05

Thank you for pointing out the name but not very original, or catching, is it? May be that is why it didn't catch my attention when I looked at the site.

I am very familiar with the works and thoughts of William Morris thankyou.

I think someone should come up with something more appropriate. Also to indicate what it represents in these days of repression.


The name is cool

17.09.2007 12:30

What is Rosa on about? The name is cool. Do you not like the bookshop? Everyone knows where it is in Liverpool (maybe you're not from the area) and so its informative as well.... Organsiers should probably ignore this post. What you should really be said is: "Wow. A radical spalce in Liverpool, that is really really brilliant. All the people who put work in are brilliant. Wow. Wow. Wow."

its really all good

Good luck

17.09.2007 15:36

Good luck (and the name is fine!)

Leeds ABC

Good luck and solidarity

17.09.2007 19:23

Good luck and solidarity from various bods involved in the ex-Vortex and The Square

In Solidarity!


Next to Nowhere

18.09.2007 02:53

a great name for a great place
a great name for a great place

i take it it wasn't the 'Next to Nowhere' site that you refer to?

i think the name is fabulous as it not only sums up where a lot of us are, or feel ourselves to be, or have managed to stop at before being sucked into the nowhere that is the commercial capitalist scumbag life
as mentioned earlier
it is next to News from Nowhere
it shortens well to 'nowhere', a place where many of say we've been or are going to
it's catchy.

you mention originality? how original is it to slag something off without offering a positive alternative?
how original is it to slag something off that you have had no part in creating?

Rock On Next to Nowhere, I shall be there soon!
Maybe new should get back to their prodigious William Blake knowledge & leave others to strive for positive change in this city ; i did not know this literary connection before, but now that i do i think the name is even more appropriate!

i hope that people who object to Next to Nowhere now feel free to get involved & hopefully be inspired to create more autonomous spaces like this one, and next time you will get to choose the name....

In Love, Rage & Solidarity

we are all next to nowhere

best wishes

18.09.2007 16:56

good luck everyone. great bookshop and great name too :-)


Yep I loike the name ...

20.09.2007 21:42

... and the opening party was guuurrreat too. Gud1 L'pool


Nice one!

21.09.2007 16:58

Shouts out from the Oxford Action Resource Centre. Good luck with your centre :-)

OARC person
- Homepage:

solidarity o Gymru

24.09.2007 15:40

all the best from all at the PAD like, innit xxxxx.

cardiff social centre (PAD)

what an amazing week ,GET ON IT

24.09.2007 16:18

what an amazing week of diverse and inspiring activities all with a political slant , films plays discusion and party who said politics was boring,

big thanks to all those who sorted the place out and organised all the stuff

big thanks to all the people who came along (from far and wide) to support the space and help its sustainability

big thanks for all the messages of support also from far and wide

this aint gonna become just another social club, its a politically motivated social centre for people who want to do shit so come on down and get on it WE NEED YOU THE SPACE NEEDS YOU