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Say Hello To Liverpool's New Social Centre

Liverpool IMC | 14.09.2007 19:59 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Liverpool

At 7pm on Saturday 15th September, the door was unlocked at Next To Nowhere in Bold Street, and Liverpool's new social centre was 'officially' opened, although there weren't any mayors or anything like that. However, there was a whole week of great events, starting with a party and ending with a film night.

Opening night gig and party|Oaxaca Info Night|Conspiracy Evening|Liverpool IMC Info Night|Introduction To Anarchism|The Boy Who Dropped An Egg On The World|Free Screen

...and that's an order
...and that's an order

Calendar of Coming Events and Meetings|Social centre website|Article from Nerve magazine|

Flyers Grand Opening Week|Oaxaca Info Night|Introduction To Anarchism

Liverpool IMC


Best of luck

21.09.2007 13:27

Hello from Dublin,

We're having the launch of our new social centre this weekend too:

We've moved to our third home but its by far the biggest and best to date, it is brilliant! Just shows that getting kicked out of one place isn't always the worst thing that can happen.
I think we'll be at the London Anarchist bookfair and there is a discussion on social centres on the agenda so hopefully we can meet up!

Seomra Spraoi (for those of ye not fluent in Irish it kinda means playroom or room of fun!)

mail e-mail: seomraspraoi at
- Homepage:


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  8. Next to Nowhere — we are all next to nowhere
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  12. solidarity o Gymru — cardiff social centre (PAD)
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