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Crossrail - City transport scheme paid for by taxpayers not public transport | 03.09.2007 17:16

Crossrail, the £30billion transport scheme is a City transport scheme NOT a public transport scheme as it will benefit the City who keeps putting out press releases with poodle Ken Livingstone to say how vital Crossrail is. .The City have told the Government that taxpayers can pay and underwrite the Crossrail scheme, which reputable experts say is what would be expected if one were planning a garden shed. Most other European countries can build a much better railway than the Crossrail team who are getting help on how to rip the taxpayers off from Bechtel while also finding out how to benefit from the land it is busily trying to accumulate. Next time you hear about new research - dig out the proof, you will find there is nothing but some press releases and some willing corporate journalists.

Meanwhile a phoney propaganda campaign has been launched by a City think tank - you know how it works, we say we will pay but behind the scenes we know we won't. Are you a taxpayer? you know the score, 30 years, operational costs and do not forget that interest - This scheme is so bad for London, it will be killed and the dodgy politicians who put their heads above the parapet for Kiley and Ken will pay.Crosssrail is not a public transport scheme - it is a City transport scheme and guess what most ordinary people can see straight through it. We won't be paying for your crap schemes or your crap US friends to come over here and suck taxpayers dry because they are bullies who would not know the word industry standard, safe or non-polluting if it hit them in the face. No crap rail scheme for London, not paid for taxpayers in London

The thinktank is a propaganda front for the City and the Corporation of London, which is living off the money that is rightfully owned by Londoners. Guess what fatties in the City, we want this back too. Open up those secret accounts and lets also find out all those dodgy dealings abroad.


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