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Remember the quagmiristas: todays odd "mainstream" media spin :the war on peace

x etc | 23.08.2007 13:33 | Iraq | Other Press | Terror War | London

commentary about a few strange logic jumps in the recent middle east coverage
22nd + today, aug 07

It seems certain basic facts have oddly disappeared from the brains of most media commentators recently, almost as if somebody had run a load of them past one of those "MRI post traumatic stress eradicator" machines the NHS is experimenting with.

Its a fact that the USAs elder statesmen commitee - of both major parties - came back with the exhortation to TALK TO IRAQS NEIGHBOURS if you are serious about peace.

Its a fact that the current USA administrations foreign secretary, with the UK foreign affairs comitee too, both call for the EU, UK, USA etc to TALK WITH HAMAS to get peace with Israel - as the success of the Irish peace process shows, it IS possible." Little" groups such as the ex-soldiers from israel with ex-soldiers from palestine are the acorns that create the oak trees of futures that might allow that part of the world to show peoples all around the globe that it is worth "investing" a bit of their time, energies, comprehension or resources to support a peace there - despite the "slushfund" kickbacks from 30 Bn dollars to arms dealers subcontractors SEEMING more. To "warbuxminderbindertypes" , perhaps the conflict there seems the essential lynchpin to protect the golden cashcows of quagmires, clashes of culture, "wars on terror/creation of terrorists".

Its a fact that the chief of the UK army has said that the GLOBAL strategic picture means that the lengthier amount of time the USA/UK delays prior to doing something sensible - like perhaps involving the Arab league with unaligned, competent UN forces in a serious "new deal" total social support for each iraqi, of all ages, to take the criminal, "whose bunch are you with" desperate need out of the situation, then a good, solid, total-integrity policesupport to break the newer habits of brutal times - but with a "supporting sierra leone kid soldiers" support/rehab approach that offers good choices, things to do, education, etc . . . . it aint complex, is it. Over 20 years, how very much cheaper too, you'd have to agree.

But its a weird fact that media have got allowed to portray the last remaining puppet-rump of the ex-AEI VPs neo-cons in the administration as IDEALLISTS somehow, as they try to "rally the base" by confusing this with the evacuation of vietnam, presenting all OTHERS as the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" for the single reason that they use their brains, that they HAVENT rented them out cheap to the mrminderbinderwarbux cash laundry scam.

When YESTERDAYS newspapers report the need for UK farmers to swap some of their production to poppies to make good the lack of opium for medicinal use due to higher production of flu vaccine, the news that we are getting sent back to our hospitals people to patch up that have got shot by farmers trying to protect THEIR poppy production, when uk doctors, amongst others, are saying - lets cut out the casualty, prevent running out of opium, create a bit of afghan peace, social support etc TO CREATE A STOCKPILE OF IT.
How "complex" is THAT?

Or have the quagmirists bought some STUPID machine that they let media people play with "for fun"????

x etc


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ace piece, ace - heres a picky comment - says its worth looking at. . . .

23.08.2007 16:20

?means "current USA administrations EX-Foreign secretary" - black dude, rep, but seemed to get "set up" with dodgy info when he was doing the job . . . . suspect same sort of thing is happening with alleged neighbouring states putting the IEDs, rocketlaunchers etc into iraq.
If they did, we'd ALL spot the difference. Porous border, huge amounts of kit all of a sudden, ouch. It aint in their interests to lengthen the quagmire. By western theories of democracy, the single thing they are surest of - with a large amount of shia - a majority - in iraq - is that when the USA/UK pull out, the resulting state is friendlier.
But as for the idea that they are working against the "sunni" arabs - they are their neighbours too - check out the recent Arab League proceedings. . . . the people that gain from THAT conflict are ONLY the "warbuxquagmiristas" - despite the fact that the "neighbourhood bogeypersons" - the israelis - might get portrayed as hoping for that sort of internal competition amongst the arab peoples of the middle east - the fact is that if all the arabs peoples or nations are twisted into competition against each other what tends to happen is that the macho "square up" people do aint against each other so much as the israelis. Most jews aint stupid, they see that. Peace in the region, amongst all peoples, is good for them.
In actual fact, most of the arab states dont think the jews are going to invade THEM, either.
So whats the problem? Check out the history - a lot of peoples in the region have bad experiences with UK or USA based corporations getting proxy groups - sometimes actual USA or UK force, overt or covert, to interfere in their democracies etc.

(CUE lengthy list - or scroogle "iran'53" - or ask YOURSELF why YOU AINT GOT ALL THAT INFO. . . .promises made to the jews, then broken, promises made to the arabs, then broken, snake-oil charmer types swindle oil licences out of "easy-to-machinate" leaders, then support armies against the threat of democracy - against the 1930s kibbutz as much as against the 1950s democratic electing of Mussadeq . . . .BUT if there were a bunch of ESKIMO troops occupying the UK or the USofA "to keep the peace safe from warring factions" - AFTER 5 YEARS OR SO YOU'D EXPECT THE ESKIMO "NEWS" MEDIA TO HAVE EXPLAINED THAT THE SECOND WORLD WAR HAPPENED as a bit of background.)

. . . . hence, of all the occupying troops in all the world . . . . etc.

(but that inuit idea - hmmm, yes please!)

more discussion - also - yes, shut the tax havens, the cash laundries etc for the "warbuxminderbinderfaction" - cut out the proxies, the patsies, the "cunning plots" - the acme ploys are wasting the worlds

by the way