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Cheap transport to the climatecamp from Manchester

manchester climatecamp transport | 03.08.2007 10:49 | Climate Camp 2007 | Liverpool

The Climatecamp 2007 is going to be at Heathrow Airport, a long way to travel from manchester. Help is at hand.

Some transport for people interested in attending the 2007 camp for climate action will be leaving Manchester on wednesday 15th August. A suggested donation of 5 pounds for fuel costs would be appreciated.

Please contact mcr_climatecamp_transport[at] for more information, or to book your place.

Spaces are limited, please book asap.

manchester climatecamp transport
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No pollution

03.08.2007 13:20

Cars,trains???!!! Why not join the critical mass leaving Marylebone Station @7.30am on the 14th. A coincidental ride to shepheards bush chiswick,putney. Or start your own from Manchester. Start cycling NOW.



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