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Were G8 Decisions Made in Advance At Bilderberg Conference?

Jubal Harshaw | 10.06.2007 20:31 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | Repression | World

Major decisions about defence and economic policies for the entire Western world and official government strategy for tackling climate change are believed to have been made in secret at the Bilderberg Conference in Turkey just before the G8 summit in Germany.

US president George Bush and British prime minister Tony Blair are said to have met with bankers, financiers, heads of transnational corporations, media tycoons and royalty to get their orders before attending the G8 meeting.
The Bilderberg Conference met in total secrecy in the luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel guarded by Turkish police and plainclothes CIA agents, and no details of the meeting have so far emerged, nor are they likely to unless someone who was present leaks them.
There has been speculation that a possible attack on Iran was discussed and there have also been rumours that Bilderberg may be planning to put microchips in peoples' brains to control the population.
There is also a story being passed around that Bilderberg plans to reduce the world population by three billion people by 2050 as a possible solution to global warming.
The Bilderberg Group is believed to be controlled by David Rockefeller and it is said to be an illegal conspiracy because democratically elected heads of state meet secretly to make decisions without the press or the public being able to be present or to know what is being decided in their name.

Jubal Harshaw
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