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Another WTC7 whitewash has been published in NYTimes

BonChance | 31.05.2007 12:35 | Globalisation | Repression | Terror War | World

A response to yesterday's WTC7 hit piece in the NY Times (see 'A Notion From 9/11 Is Kept Alive' by Jim Dwyer). Why do we bother? Because someone has to keep the concepts of truth and global justice alive as we descend into Rockefeller's 'dream' of a one-world feudal state, that's why!

Good day, NWO mouthpiece,

How carefully you have cherry-picked your 'facts', as well as contradicting the FEMA report! Also...

Where you state:-

"The pictures make clear that 7 World Trade Center was hit not, as Ms. O’Donnell said, “by nothing,” but by tons of falling debris."

This is not the first deception in your highly dubious hit piece but is a very blatant one. Perhaps you are confusing WTC7 (Saloman Building) with the far worse damaged Marriot Hotel, which DIDN'T collapse into its own footprint?

" And although steel does not melt until it reaches 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, federal investigators say that it loses most of its strength at around 1,800 degrees — a temperature reached in ordinary building fires."

Why do you continue to trot out this same tired old fallacy? The three collapses on 9/11 are the first in history from fire damaged steel structure buildings, despite the Popular Mechanics (Hearst Publishing!) whitewash. Contrast with the Madrid Hilton, for instance, which burned for days...

" A federal scientific investigation into the collapse of No. 7 is scheduled to be released this fall."

NIST have been promising the world this report ever since the charade of the Kissinger/Zelikow/Kean Omission Commission. So what's new?

"THE world has paid little attention to 7 World Trade Center, which fell seven hours after the north and south towers."

Just what little bubble of a world do you live in over there? The WHOLE WORLD outside of Fox/NYT/WP/AIPAC influence has realised for over two years now that there is a pressing need for an International Inquiry into the true events of 9/11. The very fact that you deny this in your article just demonstrates that the 'powers' you work for have absolutely no desire to pursue truth and justice.

If you still have even a modicum of those qualities that used to be so prized in good journalism, you will follow the lead of your fellow NYT employee, Paul Krugman, and face up to the truth, however unpalatable.

Perhaps you could start by interviewing some of the influential people listed at ?


Email Dwyer at




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Newsflash! Newsflash!

31.05.2007 18:53

Breaking news from the 911 Truth Movement....steel suddenly becomes magically fireproof! Huge conspiracy uncovered - Building Regulations in the UK and world over demanding fireproofing are part of the scam! Countless steel buildings burnt to the ground in "fake "fires, years in advance of 911! Shock horror!


Reichstag Fire

31.05.2007 22:12

The planes hit New York City
And thousands now are dead
"It was Arab terrorists"
This is what you said
Well if that is the truth
Then what have you got to hide
And what were you doing
On the day all those people died
Where the fuck were the fighter jets
Ordered by the FAA
And what is your explanation
For what you were heard to say
When you told the Air Force to stand down
Not to intercept
Did you plan to let it happen
Or are you just inept

I am left to wonder
As the flames are reaching higher
Was this our latest Lusitannia
Or another Reichstag Fire

There's some distressing information, sir
Which I think should be explained
Just which things have been lost
And just what has been gained
Like the thousands of put options
Bought days before the crash
If the money were collected
It would make quite a pretty stash
And the only stocks they bought
Were American and United
Deutsche Bank knows the answer
But the names have not been sighted
And is it just coincidence
That this firm in the private sector
Was once run by "Buzzy" Krongard
Ex-CIA Director

I am left to wonder
As the flames are reaching higher
Was this our latest Lusitannia
Or another Reichstag Fire

There's something fishy in Virginia
And I want an explanation
Why did they get the contract
What is Britannia Aviation
A one-man operation
Corporation with no history
He said he worked in Florida
But there he was a mystery
So is there a connection
I think it bears investigation
When the FAA found boxcutters
Does this cause you consternation
Hidden behind the seats
In these Delta planes
That had been fixed in Lynchburg
With Brittania at the reigns

I am left to wonder
As the flames are reaching higher
Was this our latest Lusitannia
Or another Reichstag Fire

You said Bin Laden was your friend
But he isn't anymore
Now that he's not fighting Russia
In your proxy war
Who called the FBI
Off the Bin Laden family trail
When so many times you had the chance
To re-write this sordid tale
Sudan in '96
The Taleban in 2001
Offered to turn him over
And right then you coulda won
But perhaps it is the case
That you're avoiding victory
That to justify your exploits
You must have an enemy

I am left to wonder
As the flames are reaching higher
Was this our latest Lusitannia
Or another Reichstag Fire

If you were not hiding from the truth
Then you'd have a truth commission
And not some masquerade
Kangaroo investigation
Hiring Henry Kissinger
The ancient master of deceit
To make sure all stones are left unturned
And the ruse is kept complete
And now you carry out your plans
Which you have had for decades
Conquering the world
With your troops and bombing raids
I see an evil regime
Led by an evil man
On Pennsylvania Avenue
Where this evil war began

I am left to wonder
As the flames are reaching higher
Was this our latest Lusitannia
Or another Reichstag Fire

David Rovics
- Homepage:

The Conspiracy Deepens!

02.06.2007 20:12

Everyone in the Truth Movement knows, of course, that progressive collapse such as that encountered at the World Trade Centre is impossible, inasmuch as the lower structure should have significantly slowed or even arrested the failure completely at an early stage. We've heard lots about massive redundancy and safety factors by way of evidence that thesre structures can take punishment and still stand.

The one thing that has always puzzled me is how the NWO managed to keep all us architects and engineers quiet about it.

Well today I saw just how far the evil tendrils of the Bush Neocon administration stretched, and the lengths which they would go to in order to spread the myth still further.

Following a comprehensive 5 year review, the structural requirements of the Scottish Building Standards have been revised to include specific and addition requirements in order to ensure that the extent of any collapse due to damaged structural elements will "not be disproportionate to the original cause".

But this isn't just some poxy national requirement, but is rather based on the new requirements of Structural Eurocode 1, Parts 1-7 (Accidental Actions). Yup, that's right; the Bush Neocons are controlling the various national and EU building standards agencies.


As I worked my way through the requirements, in particular a redesign of structural members to act as vertical and horizontal ties in the event of columnular damage and the new regulation requiring a maximum collapse area of 15% of the fabric, supported by various papers and British Standards, it occurred to me that there is no extreme to which the NWO will not go.

And if it's happening in Scotland, it must be happening in Europe, the Antipodes, and the Americas.


I'm almost afraid to take a look at the International Fire Engineering Guidelines (that's IFEG for all you laymen) - I'll bet they've got all sort of mythical stories about failing steel and the like in there!!!

If they're really this powerful, maybe we should just join 'em?