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Another WTC7 whitewash has been published in NYTimes

BonChance | 31.05.2007 12:35 | Globalisation | Repression | Terror War | World

A response to yesterday's WTC7 hit piece in the NY Times (see 'A Notion From 9/11 Is Kept Alive' by Jim Dwyer). Why do we bother? Because someone has to keep the concepts of truth and global justice alive as we descend into Rockefeller's 'dream' of a one-world feudal state, that's why!

Good day, NWO mouthpiece,

How carefully you have cherry-picked your 'facts', as well as contradicting the FEMA report! Also...

Where you state:-

"The pictures make clear that 7 World Trade Center was hit not, as Ms. O’Donnell said, “by nothing,” but by tons of falling debris."

This is not the first deception in your highly dubious hit piece but is a very blatant one. Perhaps you are confusing WTC7 (Saloman Building) with the far worse damaged Marriot Hotel, which DIDN'T collapse into its own footprint?

" And although steel does not melt until it reaches 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, federal investigators say that it loses most of its strength at around 1,800 degrees — a temperature reached in ordinary building fires."

Why do you continue to trot out this same tired old fallacy? The three collapses on 9/11 are the first in history from fire damaged steel structure buildings, despite the Popular Mechanics (Hearst Publishing!) whitewash. Contrast with the Madrid Hilton, for instance, which burned for days...

" A federal scientific investigation into the collapse of No. 7 is scheduled to be released this fall."

NIST have been promising the world this report ever since the charade of the Kissinger/Zelikow/Kean Omission Commission. So what's new?

"THE world has paid little attention to 7 World Trade Center, which fell seven hours after the north and south towers."

Just what little bubble of a world do you live in over there? The WHOLE WORLD outside of Fox/NYT/WP/AIPAC influence has realised for over two years now that there is a pressing need for an International Inquiry into the true events of 9/11. The very fact that you deny this in your article just demonstrates that the 'powers' you work for have absolutely no desire to pursue truth and justice.

If you still have even a modicum of those qualities that used to be so prized in good journalism, you will follow the lead of your fellow NYT employee, Paul Krugman, and face up to the truth, however unpalatable.

Perhaps you could start by interviewing some of the influential people listed at ?


Email Dwyer at




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