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A Change is Gonna Come

Bob | 03.04.2007 11:05 | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Here follows a summary of the way out.

Movement for Democratic Change in the UK

Democracy comes from within, from the desire for freedom from the hegemony of powerful vested interests. But we only travelled so far in this direction before new interests hijacked the plane. We were busy congratulating ourselves for achieving Freedom From and then went back to sleep. We did not seek Freedom To Be.

The sham of Representative democracy finally died when all the parties adopted the same clothes. Now the zombie stalks us, powered only by the spells of corporate elites.

A brutal Victorian ideology is dressed up by the false prophets of knowledge as our salvation. Listen to Work and Pensions Minister Jim Murphy- "Work is the ONLY route out of poverty" Yet he speaks without knowing what poverty is.

It is not his fault. If you were given a five year mandate to do whatever you wanted would you not commit crime? Equality before the law was yesterdays news. Can you ASBO Blair for causing alarm or distress while pursuing his War on Scary Things? No, you cannot.

So where will we find democracy? We can start by looking within ourselves, our homes, our communities.

A change is gonna come. We, the people, will wake up in the style of Rip Van Winkle. We will connect, we will share, we will become with purpose. We will put the last first and the first last. We will put our common purpose before our individual obsessions. We will be united.

We will listen, we will educate ourselves and we will be inclusive. And when the time comes we will fight for the right to become human once more. Our shattered spirits racked by consumptive guilt, intolerance and hate will be rejuvenated.

But an idea is nothing without action. Action really does speak louder than words.
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing- start to meet, pass on this idea.

Network. Learn-by-doing. Scale up. Serve the cause. Right now they have us exactly where they want us. Fragmented. Petrificated. Disjointed. Afraid

If you are the only one in the beginning it doesn't matter. They will come if you are there. We are the Movement for Democratic Change in the UK.

It begins here



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