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The 3 latest ALF prisoners

D.E.F1981 | 06.03.2007 21:37 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Originally From: A Longing For Collapse Press on Myspace.

rgent ELP! Bulletin (6th March 2007)

Dear friends

Today three British animal rights activists were jailed for their part in a
non-violent campaign against Huntindon Life Sciences. According to the BBC
news, the three were accused of being key figures in a campaign against
companies with links to HLS. They were accused of entering the offices of
companies with links to HLS and demanding that those companies cut their
links. They were also accused of organising loud demonstrations against the
companies. Plus they were accused of taking photos of the people who worked
for the companies.

Please send urgent letters of support to:

Mark Taylor (New Prisoner)
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
SE28 0UB
(Sentenced to four years)

Suzanne Taylor (New Prisoner)
HMP Holloway
Parkhurst Road
London N7 0NU
(Sentenced to two and a half years)

Trish Portwine (New Prisoner)
HMP Holloway
Parkhurst Road
London N7 0NU
(Sentenced to 15 months)

British Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407



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Make your mind up...

07.03.2007 08:46

Make your mind up. Firstly you say it was a non-violent campaign then you say that they were entering people's offices and photographing the people working there - clearly intimidating and threatening to the employees. Even Mark Taylor, who received 4 years, said that he had no idea that his victims were so frightened (which in itself shows either a surprisingly low level of self-awareness or deliberate cynicism).

Paul Edwards

The Paul Edwards strawman

07.03.2007 08:59

Sorry - taking photos is now an act of violence is it?

I thought it was something that the cops regularly did on demos - usually without the consent of the person being photographed. Is that different in the Paul Edward's line of thought? Fromn where I stand its exactly the same act.

One can only speculate on how much the prosecution advised the witnesses to play up the fear factor. Its also a necessary tactic for getting all them lovely injunctions.

Now, had the protestors run into offices and clubbed people over the head, it would all make a lot more sense.

photographic model

Sad old photographic model

07.03.2007 10:00

Of course taking someone's photograph with the intention of publishing it on the Internet is an act of violence. It is an abuse of the human rights of the individual with the sole objective of intimidating them and encouraging threats against them. Surely you understand the motives behind it???

Brand new model

virtual violence

07.03.2007 11:00

"Of course taking someone's photograph with the intention of publishing it on the Internet is an act of violence"

How do you read someones intention?

If your assertion is that violence doesn't require physical force, then I plain and simply don't agree with you.

I'd rather be photographed than hit over the head with a baseball bat.

How about you?

That was a rhetorical question btw. I'm not the least bit interested in carrying on a discussion where you insist that an egg is a potato.


"The trio are not said to have taken the pictures, or posted them on the website, but were accused of taking part in the demonstration when abuse and threats were hurled at workers."

Ho hum

photographic model


07.03.2007 12:00

To take a photograph of somebody is not "an act of violence". To enter an office is not "an act of violence". Loud demonstrations are not acts of violence. Acts of violence and violations on Human Rights are Police officers beating protesters for speaking out against something they feel strongly about. And the state throwing people inside prisons for defending the rights of innocent animals, who cant speak for themselves.


Oh my...

07.03.2007 13:39

I must say I am shocked to think that visitors to this site aren't aware of how the police treat protesters. The offense previous to the SOCPA would have been a public order offense or maybe agro trespass (which is a civil offense). Neither of which would have resulted in a likely charge or even arrest!

Please go and join those twats who think that damaging property is violence...

These individuals should never have been jailed - SOCPA is killing the right to protest.

What are you going to do when your door goes through because you chanted at the SWP Bullshit march?

Vegan Police (Nee Naw etc)

a couple of points

07.03.2007 21:33

Firstly, these people aren't ALF prisoners.

Also, their prisoner numbers are now available online at


not on VPSG site as I write

08.03.2007 00:16

but the prisoner numbers are most definately here

Support them!

Pearly Gates

prisoners moved

08.03.2007 11:00

The two female prisoners have been moved.

New prisoner details on


18.03.2007 18:42

All updates are on this myspace page. Including addresses.

For some fucked up reason Mark isn't allowed to have SAE's or phone cards sent.
They can only send postal orders i've been told.

For more info and to leave comments of support that will be shown to him at a visit.

about A.L.F prisoner

19.10.2007 04:19

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