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The 3 latest ALF prisoners

D.E.F1981 | 06.03.2007 21:37 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Originally From: A Longing For Collapse Press on Myspace.

rgent ELP! Bulletin (6th March 2007)

Dear friends

Today three British animal rights activists were jailed for their part in a
non-violent campaign against Huntindon Life Sciences. According to the BBC
news, the three were accused of being key figures in a campaign against
companies with links to HLS. They were accused of entering the offices of
companies with links to HLS and demanding that those companies cut their
links. They were also accused of organising loud demonstrations against the
companies. Plus they were accused of taking photos of the people who worked
for the companies.

Please send urgent letters of support to:

Mark Taylor (New Prisoner)
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
SE28 0UB
(Sentenced to four years)

Suzanne Taylor (New Prisoner)
HMP Holloway
Parkhurst Road
London N7 0NU
(Sentenced to two and a half years)

Trish Portwine (New Prisoner)
HMP Holloway
Parkhurst Road
London N7 0NU
(Sentenced to 15 months)

British Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407



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