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Reclaim the Future 4, London March 31st.

rtf | 05.03.2007 20:41 | Culture | Free Spaces | London

All day event in a self-organised space in London.

For more info and full line-up see:

Flyer front
Flyer front

Flyer back
Flyer back

All day event in a self-organised space in London. Practical fun workshops, cafe, political cinema, stalls, infoshop and art. Party till late with live stages, dance rooms, urban cabaret, viusuals.

More details coming soon with help from assorted London anarchists, squatters, musicians and artists. Money raised for anti-war and anti- capitalist action.



More details

16.03.2007 05:48

Including phone numbers and email address.


RTF Workshops

17.03.2007 15:58

Stalls and Workshops for Reclaim the Future ( people doing stuff! )

1pm Alternative film distribution, film showing * Olympics 2012– This Land Is Ours * DSEI Arms Fair, London, September 2007

2pm Space Hijackers - mystery surprise activity * Rising Tide (climate change) * Campaign Against the Arms Trade

3pm Faslane nuclear convoys * Actions around G8 meeting, Heiligendamm, Germany July 2007 * Detainee Support Group

4pm Hands Off Iraqi Oil – Solidarity with Iraqi oil workers, resistance to Big Oil's plans to privatise Iraqi oil; how the war and current oil scramble relates to global warming and what we can do about it *
Haringey Solidarity Campaign - Why anarchists should organise locally * Camp Bling protest camp/Priory Park

5pm Insecurity - a chance for everyone to get involved in a radical re-think of squat party security. We don’t need the police, we can do it ourselves!

Workshops still to be confirmed:-
Dr. Bike/Bycycology drop-in bike repair space (provisionally 1pm-6pm)
* Newham Monitoring Project – anti-terror policing, August 2006 police raid in Forest Gate and recent raids in local communities
* German for beginners for the G8 – fun interactive German lesson
* 12 volt sound systems and lighting
* Wind turbines
* Samba for beginners
* Practical squatting

anyone involved with those workshops TBC please shake a leg and confirm.


riot cops at this event

01.04.2007 18:42

Next time the police turn up to something like this...we should STICK TOGETHER!!!! There was no way they were getting in..and didn't get in. To all of you who panicked and ran away... you missed a fucking good party that went on well into the next day! After the initial panicking from the unhardened few...the party was resumed with King blues singing along with the crowd, "No justice! No peace for the police! Fuck the police!" and party on we did...... :-}



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some transparency please

06.03.2007 00:17

"Money raised for anti-war and anti- capitalist action"
unlike previous RTFs it would be nice to know how much is raised and goes to what groups and how much goes to greedy wheeler dealers.

ravey davey

They do it...

06.03.2007 10:28

All the people doing this are doing it for free -- so even if they kept the money for themselves, it would be a fair deal. Do you ask for transparancy when you go to other types of parties ? Or to the cinema ?


if u don't get it, then u can get-off

06.03.2007 16:46

Ravey-davey said:
"unlike previous RTFs, it would be nice to know how much is raised and goes to what groups and how much goes to greedy wheeler dealers."

>>> fat chance, Moron. If you think the organising collective are in the position of publishing accounts, then you're very much mistaken. If you don't belong to any of the groups who will benefit, then you likely don't even understand the politics occurring, if you don't approve, then don't go, and infact, since you clearly don't understand, if you are just a punter, then you might as well just go to some commercial party somewhere else. More likely, you are a spy/work for the police, in which case you can just fuck-off..

Bullshit Detector

I love Indymedia

06.03.2007 17:09

Yes i love the quality of the discussion with the 'movement' or 'scenes' as evidenced by the above exchange. Maybe it is actually possible for RTF to publicise a simple list of where donations £250 to such and such, £100 to so and so. Doesn't seem like a difficult thing to do and would actually give a sense of solidarity and care after the event.

Not that I really care whether RTF do or do not...just seems funny people's overeactions and namecalling to just someone's simple post

Probablyth above gives some sort of answer to why 650 people get arrested in Copenhagen protesting the eviction of Ungdomshuset over three intense days and here not much happens at all despite the pretence that there is some kind of radical politics happening in London


Liberal Twattery

06.03.2007 17:54

So much liberal-capitalist-twattery going on with these comments. Why should RTF disclose how much they made and where the money goes? There are good reasons (from a police state perspective) for not doing so. If you are involved in the night then I am sure you will find out anyway.

As for gibbering on about how nobody here gets arrested despite stuff going on in Denmark - why not start a riot yourself? Were you down at the Vortex today which was evicted? Or were you sitting in an office doing work (like a lot of other people who face living on the street if they don't submit to capitalism's coercive rules)? There are good reasons why there is a dearth of militant violence in this country - however annoying it may seem to you.

When the time is right, people will RIOT!

Mme Bastarde


07.03.2007 11:25

Doesn't particularly follow on that well - sorry,

but please can people go and look at

Basically are people up for doing a demo in support of Ungdomshuset and Vortex this weekend?


oh dear my friends

07.03.2007 12:26

If you read it more slowly than just reading and reacting as fast as your fingers can type, you will read that I never suggested that people should either get arrested or riot to show support for Ungdomshuset. The point would be for people to do whatever was felt appropriate to show genuine support and to help those now locked down or facing charges. I was just pointing out that not much happened in London which was odd for a city with a supposed radical culture. i.e constant social centres coming and going.

Your post is typical of the comments made on Indymedia. Basically a rant that makes you feel like you really know whats going on and have the cheek to tell it like it is to others. Oh so because i didnt turn up to an eviction in North London that I knew nothing about or i didnt start a riot myself to support Ungdomshuset makes me a liberal. Thank you for your explanation of capitalism and work. Most helpful! Yes, as a working class person I hadnt understood what was going on all my life. Or why i have been active against it.

When will the time be right for militant violence? People will know, eh? What a load of crap. What does this statement even mean? Which 'people'?

It's not 'annoying' to me, as if the shit world we all live in is some kind of minor irritation. Its more just depressing the reactionary crap you spout here and the dormant (i hope?) state of radical politics in London.

Too many posers.
Too many idiots.

And some good folks too!!
Love and Rage


lets be frank

07.03.2007 19:21

frunk, dust yourself off and get a life (the revolution is going on, you just appear to be making comments upon it from the sidelines). Words and writing were all nothing....


Can we get rid of some of these comments?

14.03.2007 21:01

The most stupid at least... Just repost them somewhare else, I dont' want any censorship really, but why waste time and editorial space to commnets that have no content, or stupid accustions like lack of transprency...hope one day some people find themselves something to do rather than producing slanderus, petty and futile critique of what others do. I really do not want to waste time reading their stuff.


unity and all that shit.

02.04.2007 13:06

i cant believe people were at the door shouting at and insulting people who were leaving! you talk about sticking together and unity, then you slag off people who don't hold the same stupid politics you do.

It wasn't a huge political protest, it was just another party at the end of the day! The place was empty until the music started, people were there for the party for the most part, not to make some sort of political statement. I left early, but it was because all the bands i wanted to see were locked out and couldnt play! I didn't panic, i've experienced police at squats before, I just was bored standing around with no decent music on. I did see the king blues do their short set, but it was just a jam really, some of them werent there.

You know why people stayed there? it wasn't for unity or peace to justice or as a political protest, it was for the most part (i cant speak for everyone) because they were mashed and chilling out with their mates. don't delude yourself! there are better ways to challenge the powers that be than having a bunch of soundsystems in ab abandoned building, as fun as that is.


for your info

03.04.2007 09:40

It wasn't empty before the bands started. There were a lot of good workshops and a busy cafe.
It was meant to be a workshop day ( with a benefit party after - not just a techno rave ). big up to the stalls and workshops. Great to see a mixed crowd.
The security ( and other crew ( inc door ) and band members ) got trapped outside trying to get people in which led to chaos on the door and shit from a minority of people ( and health and safety problems )... but the cops attacked people trying to scale the fence and other people and were intent on inflaming the situation.
Some idiot went around the party apparently trying to panic people into leaving which caused further chaos.
Nice one to the people doing tidying and recycling.
Excellent vegan cafe and cinema.
Nice one to the eventgoers who helped move the stages to comply with the fire brigades requests.
This was not about the noise. Don't kid yourself.
It was not put on as a 'huge political protest' nor an excuse for a barney with the filth so don't delude yourself either mate. If the police want to go to these lengths to stop people what are YOU going to do.

It was a day of workshops followed by a benefit party - if you don't like that then fuck off and do an action.Do you think it's either/or? DIY mate.


what is wrong with a little understanding

06.04.2007 12:43

It made me very sad to read most of these comments. People talk as if they know everything when they don't. It is ridiculous to judje people you have never even met. I think the whole underground scene in London is overcome with selfishness and ignorance and it has been sad watching this decline over the last decade. There are good reasons why certain things are kept secret because we are living in a fascist state in which the police/state would do aanything to destroy us simply for what we believe in because we scare them. RTF provides a much needed cash injection into causes which would not otherwise get funding and that are not exactly mainstream. Paying 5 quid to go to one of the wickedest underground events around is nothing, you coud always pay 25 to go to lost vagueness or go to Ministry of sound. the fact about squat parties is that unless you do them every week no one is making any mony and people are working their arses off to put on events for people, a lot of whom are so ungrateful they do not even have the solidarity to stick about and make sure the people that organised the party for them are ok. Ultimately those people are getting the scene that they deserve with good parties few and far between and rapidly decreasing and muggings rife. London is fast going to end up with a scene where either you g clubbing or get mugged in some shite tekno party. No free partys left, in the sense of liberated spaces. I was gutted to see people just walking out, it seems like no one is consious any more. The person who said they left because the bands they wanted to see weren't allowed in, well don't feel sorry for yourself when this kind of squatted event doesn't happen any more and you can only see these bands in expensive venues where you get kicked out by bouncers for anything and have to leave at 2. This is a DIY culture so get off your arses and stop whinging and please put on some blinding events. The people who have been doing it are sick of it and its time others took over and started putting on some decent parties.


Common people be nice : )

18.04.2007 23:33

Bickering is in nobody's interest. Stay Postive