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Reclaim the Future 4, London March 31st.

rtf | 05.03.2007 20:41 | Culture | Free Spaces | London

All day event in a self-organised space in London.

For more info and full line-up see:

Flyer front
Flyer front

Flyer back
Flyer back

All day event in a self-organised space in London. Practical fun workshops, cafe, political cinema, stalls, infoshop and art. Party till late with live stages, dance rooms, urban cabaret, viusuals.

More details coming soon with help from assorted London anarchists, squatters, musicians and artists. Money raised for anti-war and anti- capitalist action.



More details

16.03.2007 05:48

Including phone numbers and email address.


RTF Workshops

17.03.2007 15:58

Stalls and Workshops for Reclaim the Future ( people doing stuff! )

1pm Alternative film distribution, film showing * Olympics 2012– This Land Is Ours * DSEI Arms Fair, London, September 2007

2pm Space Hijackers - mystery surprise activity * Rising Tide (climate change) * Campaign Against the Arms Trade

3pm Faslane nuclear convoys * Actions around G8 meeting, Heiligendamm, Germany July 2007 * Detainee Support Group

4pm Hands Off Iraqi Oil – Solidarity with Iraqi oil workers, resistance to Big Oil's plans to privatise Iraqi oil; how the war and current oil scramble relates to global warming and what we can do about it *
Haringey Solidarity Campaign - Why anarchists should organise locally * Camp Bling protest camp/Priory Park

5pm Insecurity - a chance for everyone to get involved in a radical re-think of squat party security. We don’t need the police, we can do it ourselves!

Workshops still to be confirmed:-
Dr. Bike/Bycycology drop-in bike repair space (provisionally 1pm-6pm)
* Newham Monitoring Project – anti-terror policing, August 2006 police raid in Forest Gate and recent raids in local communities
* German for beginners for the G8 – fun interactive German lesson
* 12 volt sound systems and lighting
* Wind turbines
* Samba for beginners
* Practical squatting

anyone involved with those workshops TBC please shake a leg and confirm.


riot cops at this event

01.04.2007 18:42

Next time the police turn up to something like this...we should STICK TOGETHER!!!! There was no way they were getting in..and didn't get in. To all of you who panicked and ran away... you missed a fucking good party that went on well into the next day! After the initial panicking from the unhardened few...the party was resumed with King blues singing along with the crowd, "No justice! No peace for the police! Fuck the police!" and party on we did...... :-}



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