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URGENT help needed to save beautiful lake

magda | 26.01.2007 20:16 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Oxford

Activists urgently required to save protected species at Radley Lake. Bayliffs due any moment.

Radley Lakes, near Oxford, is going to be filled with flyash by N Power. The only thing stopping them at the moment is a small (but brave) bunch of squatters, who need urgent help as they are going to be evicted any minute. They need people prepared to lock on and make this as difficult as possible.

The lake contains several protected species, including a possible sighting of otters, and despite a report paid for by local people confirming all this the local government bigwigs have given permission for N Power to fill the lake with flyash from Didcot power station, killing everything in the process. They have already been allowed to do this to 3 other lakes in the immediate vicinity. The local county ecologist has dismissed the report, despite a long term campaign and evidence from another ecologist proving the lake is a wildlife haven. The whole thing stinks.

Please, please if you are free this week, (or even better, right now), get down there, lock on, and make sure they have a fight on their hands. The bayliffs are due any minute and more squatters are desperately needed.

Get off the train at Oxford, then catch train to Radley, takes about 10 mins, then another 10/15 minute walk. For more info call the site mobile on: 07772055384.



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