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Shell Protest in Newcastle only one arrest!

Les Rhodes | 10.11.2006 12:58 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles

Rush hour protest at largest Shell station in Newcastle November 10th

Recycled and updated Banner from 1995
Recycled and updated Banner from 1995

Oh please come down, please,please come down
Oh please come down, please,please come down

Bloody Shell Officer! you said you would'nt arrest me!
Bloody Shell Officer! you said you would'nt arrest me!

Where's the laughing Policeman gone??
Where's the laughing Policeman gone??

Newcastle's largest Shell garage was blockaded for an hour this morning on the 11th anniversary of the hanging of the Ogoni 9 and in solidarity with Rossport and anti-corporate struggles world-wide.

One protestor climbed on to a handily placed Shell Tanker to get a better view of the traffic. Worried local police pleaded with her for 45 minutes to come down and promised she would not be arrested. Eventually taking pity on them (and desperately needing a wee) she clambered down and and was of course immediately arrested. We had good support from local residents, invited in for cups of tea and all the conveniences, and from hordes of passing kids on their way to school. We were even offered a place to stand in a guys garden when the police started shoving every off the forecourt!

All in all a good mornings work and seen by hundreds of passing motorists on the busiest rush hour crawling road into the toon.

Les Rhodes


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Good Photos ;0)

10.11.2006 13:20

The photos are courtesy of Adrian at

Boycott Shell

Shells private army: PC=Protecting Corporate privilege

10.11.2006 20:02

While some police at todays protest were nearly reasonable, others were acting like the Pinkerton Detective Agency. The officer resembling the fat PC Plod from Noddy (pictured above, in the police hat) was one such idiotic, and none too pretty thug.
There were at my last count, 5 police cars, all of which arrived with blue lights flashing, before being followed by a small van full to bursting with community support officers! Police tactics for the day seemed to be to try and break up the protest by provoking peaceful ppl individually in order to try to get a reaction or to lie to them (as with the protestor atop the tanker) so that they could then do a shameful about turn and arrest them.

Observers and passers by were outraged that the police could be so brazenly dishonest and overzealous; the trust afforded to the police has certainly been damaged badly as a result of their ill-judged actions in this area of the toon.


Go'on the Geordies

11.11.2006 22:35

Fair play folks thisb is brilliant makes them know they'lll pay far beyond Rossport.


good pics

12.11.2006 11:11

well done to all concerned. I particularly like the masks.

Well done