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A bad day for Hamburg Nazis

F.C.E | 17.10.2006 12:05 | Anti-racism

A great day out in Germany.

Some WY anti-fascists were privileged to mob up with some like minded comrades in Hamburg over the weekend to confront the fascist NPD party.

Avoiding the standard toe to toe with police on the official demonstration, small groups scoured the local area to look for the bone-headed foe. They didn't have to look too far, as a group of eight stepped straight on to a train carriage occupied by about twelve very serious anti-fascists.

The ensuing beating was a sight to behold, as was the image of anti-fascists have to physically stop nazis jumping from a fast moving train and killing themselves. After what was undoubtedly the longest train journey of their lives the fascists made their escape over the train tracks and into a suburban estate. Here they bumped in to another band of roving anti-fascists who drove the message- that nazis are not welcome in Hamburg- well and truly home.



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Good Stuff

17.10.2006 15:06

Sounds like a great trip! Well done antifascists, always good to cement relations with our European comrades!

Black N Red

train travel in germany

18.10.2006 11:13

a concerned passenger was heard to mutter in german ''why are you beating these men up ? ''..reply was ''they are nazis ''..passenger replies ''oh well thats ok but please dont throw them off of the train''.........Priceless

northside boys

Tee Hee Hee

18.10.2006 12:27

I always struggle with the 'Non Violent' part of NVDA when it comes to open and honest interaction with Fasc'!!

The fasc' have been on their knees for years but seem to manage to keep ticking over by getting little bits of support from all over, so it is good to see people working side by side with anti fasc' regardless of geography

Keep on keeping on........

Combat Combat 18

A bit hypocritical

18.10.2006 19:21

Aren't you being a bit hypocritical applauding assaults on right-wing types but moaning about Redwatch all the time?


FAO Curious

18.10.2006 22:03

Fuck off wanker! Who's "moaning"? Redwatch is a joke, and we don't ask the State to deal with the fascist scum.



18.10.2006 22:59

No, because there is a difference between fascists and anti-fascists.

Freedom of speech does not give you the right to shout "bomb" on a plane. It's not about right-wing opinions, but people actively organising for a fascist government.


red watch/

19.10.2006 00:22

what has some of our european comrades giving some silly nazi divs a slap got to do with redwatch ? , if for example jews were persecuted in nazi germany does that mean anyone who chose to fight the nazi regime was as bad as the nazis ?.... try spouting your shit to the immigrants who have been subjected to pogorms in modern day germany ,during the world cup visiting football fans who were non white were advised [ officially] not to visit areas in the old east about getting over there and having a samba party against nazis...sure you'll be very well recieved..... Red Watch/Wank will only be stopped when people realise that all it takes is walking up to the photographers and taking there shitty cameras and shoving them up there pathetic silly nazi arses....regards

northside boys


19.10.2006 09:11

You tossers in Germany and England who call yourselves anti nazis and Antifa etc, are only involved in the scene because like football fans you like a bit of a punch up and strut around trying to boost your egos. The mark of a true anti-rascist like my self is one who lives in a multi-racial area, sends their children to a mainly ethnic school and has married a black man, not acting like some clown who dresses in black and wears silly badges thinking he is important. THE REAL FASCISTS ARE ALREADY IN POWER. Get a life

Anti Nazi Squirrel

fao loser [gotta be a wind up]

19.10.2006 10:09

your responce is possibly the most up its arse yet ..,did you marry your fella because he was black or because it made you a better anti racist ? does that mean because I'm mixed I'm a better anti racist than you ?Did your fella teach you how do dance to reggae ?[ you know white people can't dance] do you take your mixed race kids on demos just to prove what a cool anti racist you are..?..have you joined a samba band ?....p.s I don't wear badges..ta ta muppet

northside boys

You have no idea where I live...

19.10.2006 10:17

...and I would marry my black man if 1) I didn't view marriage as a church/state sanctioned bondage and 2) If I wasn't a man myself because the church/state won't allow me to marry him... go figure!

P.s I'd give Blair a good kicking as well but I can't get close enough.



19.10.2006 18:02

How come we keep winning all these battles against the fascists but the fuckers keep moving forward !

reckless ron


26.10.2006 02:39

Call me a cynic but this sounds an awful lot like

a] A bunch of thugs attacking and beating someone becuase of their political views

b] a complete and utter "big fish" bullshit story.


Big Fish??

27.10.2006 21:18

Not another carping Nazi.

Richard Walker