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A bad day for Hamburg Nazis

F.C.E | 17.10.2006 12:05 | Anti-racism

A great day out in Germany.

Some WY anti-fascists were privileged to mob up with some like minded comrades in Hamburg over the weekend to confront the fascist NPD party.

Avoiding the standard toe to toe with police on the official demonstration, small groups scoured the local area to look for the bone-headed foe. They didn't have to look too far, as a group of eight stepped straight on to a train carriage occupied by about twelve very serious anti-fascists.

The ensuing beating was a sight to behold, as was the image of anti-fascists have to physically stop nazis jumping from a fast moving train and killing themselves. After what was undoubtedly the longest train journey of their lives the fascists made their escape over the train tracks and into a suburban estate. Here they bumped in to another band of roving anti-fascists who drove the message- that nazis are not welcome in Hamburg- well and truly home.



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