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The Racist 'War on Terror'

imc-uk-features | 13.10.2006 18:08 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Terror War

If the 'war on terror' were really about stopping terror, then you would have thought that, when the largest ever haul of bomb-making chemicals, rocket launchers and a nuclear biological suit were found by police at a house in Lancashire, the suspect would be interned for 90 days, the story would make headlines for days, and they would be assumed to be guilty. Well, that's what you would expect if the suspects were Muslims.

But in this case, they are white nationalists; one of the two was the BNP candidate for the Vivary Bridge ward of Colne last May. So the police assumed he was innocent: "He's not a terrorist and it's not a bomb factory", Superintendent Neil Smith said, reassuring residents. He has been charged under the Explosives Substances Act 1883 and remanded in custody, and is due to appear in Burnley Crown Court on October 23rd. The second suspect was released without charge.

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from the Labour conference protests in Manchester, Sep 2006
from the Labour conference protests in Manchester, Sep 2006

The contrast between the media coverage of all the phony terror cells and this incident couldn't be more stark; there has not been one mainstream media report of this real terrorist cell. It was only reported in some local media:

So far (12th October 2006), the only media reports that could be found via Google News about this story are these (none of which is from the national media):

So, even if this story is now to be picked up by the mainstream media, it would only be because of the attention given to it by bloggers and the alternative media, and not because the 'war on terror' isn't a racist sham.




18.10.2006 12:39

Un-official military discussion board thread on this story:


Police response

19.10.2006 10:53


I mentioned earlier that I contacted the police for their official line. On my second mail (today) I recieved a fast response which I have included below.

Dear Jana

Thankyou for your enquiry and I apologise for not responding sooner.

I am limited as to the information I can give to you as you may be aware that two people have been charged and are now awaiting trial.

What I can tell you is that on Thursday 28 September, the police received information that led to the search of a house on Talbot Street, Colne. During that search a number of different chemicals were found, along with large stores of food. I can't comment on the size of the 'haul' as there isn't a precedent to compare against. The exact quantity will be made public during the trial.

Some military style casings were also found and these have been wrongly described in the media as 'rocket-launchers', which they are not. The suits that have been described are similarly not as you would imagine and you could easily buy these at specialist outdoor clothing stores.

The occupant of the house, Robert Cottage, was arrested and later charged with possessing explosives with no lawful object under the Explosives Act 1884.

The search of this house led us to search another house in Trent Road in Nelson - this happened on Monday 2 October. David Jackson, was later arrested in Lancaster in connection with the investigation and subsequently charged with the same offence.

Enquiries into this investigation are very much still underway and both men are due to appear at Burnley Crown Court on Monday 23 October.

I hope this answers some of the questions you may have, and offers some reassurance.
Please don't hesitate to call me if you wish to discuss this matter.

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Sounds like a terrorist bomb making factory to me

13.10.2006 23:47

The police officer in charge said : "He's not a terrorist and it's not a bomb factory", but they've found materials that could be used to make explosives, does anyone remember that guy who got accused of making raisin where in fact he had rise and a blender? It sounds a hell of a lot like a bomb making factory to me, at least more so than the usual "Bomb making factory".

It mentions that he is a former BNP member, in fact he is a former BNP member, they have been very quick the throw him out as soon as they've heard of it, but this isn't news, followers of the BNP's ideology are known to be involved in terrorism, remember Combat 18? remember the Brixton bomb? and that gay pub? the BNP are working hard to distance themselves from their past, but in fact they still follow an ideology based on violence and discrimination, and as long as they do, it doesn't matter how well their lyrics sound its still the same old Nazism, and they will always support violence, they'll just stop admitting they do.

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also, good comments with

14.10.2006 13:08

"bnp bombs" uk indymedia newswire "06.10.2006 21:48" 1 addition 5 comments


You what?

14.10.2006 15:12

Some of the articles recovered were 22 different chemicals, rocket launchers, BNP 'literature' and a nuclear biological suit. Supt Neil Smith stressed: "It is not a bomb making factory" and added that it was not related to terrorism.

What is it related to then - Christmas card making?

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Article above = British Intelligence Distraction Operation

14.10.2006 18:08

We don't have to search for racist bombers in our midst, they strut proudly on TV every day in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany- Tony Blair, his New Reich Party, and their allies across the planet.


The people who, a few months ago were pushing Jack Straw to lead the anti-Iran-war movement, and who ALWAYS use holocaust-denying figures to describe Blair's holocaust in Iraq are now solidly behind this new distraction op. THINK! What is your emotional response to this story, and how is that response useful to Blair?

The BNP, as a party, is fully state run. Why? Not to manage the danger of low-level racist nutters. First, these low level racists have almost zero probablility to organise in a dangerous way independent of a mainstream OVERTLY racist political party. Secondly, when they are criminal, it is usually in disorgainsed spontaneous acts of racism, including sadly the occasional racist murder. However, the rate of such murders rarely (in western democracies) rises significantly above the background level.

So why is the BNP an intelligence op. Because the BNP, when reported by the State controlled mass media, is extremely effective at influencing voting patterns, local and national. Remember when Thatcher first came to power, on the back of the last great resurgence of the National Front? Blair has used Respect, Conservative. Liberal and BNP parties (all under his direct control at the last General Election, the Liberal party by blackmail of the most significant member, the others run by Blair agents) to shepherd enough votes (in reality from a tiny MINORITY of us) to maintain a MASSIVE majority in the Houses of Parliament.

The MYTH of low level racist nutters threatening society in a major political way is fully maintained by zionist-marxists, in reality agents of Israel and its tribe, concerned with protecting their power-base in the above mentioned nations.

Who is responsibe for the racist holocaust in Iraq? Who is responsibe for the racist holocaust in Chechnya? Who is responsibe for the racist holocaust in Afghanistan? Who is responsibe for the racist holocaust in Lebanon? Who is responsibe for the racist holocaust in Palestine?

Who is GOING TO BE responsibe for the racist holocaust in Iran?

Do BNP members and their ilk talk of racist genocide- you better believe it. Do BNP members even make it to Iraq where Blair's laws make it legal to rape, torture, and murder 'inferior races'? Come on, you think this loud mouth cowardly scum would ever risk their necks? But Iraq is full of racists murdering and raping and torturing- who are they, and who put them there?

The real racist terrorist is the person responsible for censoring my comment about Israel's racist warcrime- the naval shelling of the beach of muslim holiday-makers- shortly after this event happened. My comment was censored, because the racist monsters that operate on behalf of Blair were aware that this crime against humanity by Israel was in preparation for the long planned HOLOCAUST of Lebanon, and that comments like mine, predicting accurately the depravity of Israel, would harm Blair and Israel's plans.

To return to the article so nicely distracting most of you from the fact that my 500,000+ figure for Blair's genocide in Iraq was accurate, or the total destruction of a massive military US base in Iraq a few days ago, or the fact that Blunkett confirmed that Blair's ministers stand fully behind WARCRIMES, or that Blair is on the verge of starting WW3 with his coming genocide of Iran:


With sensitive enough equipment, I could come into YOUR home and find plutonium. Does that mean that YOU should be described as the next nuclear threat to humanity. 22 different chemicals found? As I mentioned before, good job these guys weren't found in possession of a 60's child's chemistry set.

Remember the so-called ritual child abuse scandal in the Orkneys? Remember the collected shit that the police put forward as 'proof'? Ah, but you have the memories of goldfish, I forget. When dodgy police methods match YOUR predudice, then suddenly you aren't interested in using analysis to dismiss the story.


In other words, your predudices can be targetted to manipulate you. When a piece of information appears that SEEMS to support MY position, I examine it MORE carefully, not less. I was able to discard this article in seconds when it first appeared. MY ANALYSIS. Usual racist loudmouth with the misfortune to be caught up in the growing police-state "theory=practice" terror raids.

Far from proving the existence of low level 'white bombers' (as opposed to State organised and financed 'white bombers'), it illustrates the phoney nature of such raids, the majority of which have targetted muslims (especially in the US). So not only are most of you DISTRACTED, you are also manipulated into lending legitimacy to such police operations. How hilarious for Blair.

Funny thing, when I was 9, I had a teacher smart enough to teach the abuse of statistics, and press manipulation. "Don't think about the word, think about what the word refers to."

"Biggest Haul", "Largest haul"? Phrases heard after so many police operations. Sound bites for morons. In this case, was ANYBODY referring to the WEIGHT of so-called bomb making chemicals? NO, THEY WERE REFERRING TO THE VARIETY OF CHEMICALS, THE MOST IDIOTIC METRIC IT IS POSSIBLE TO USE. Under this metric, almost any collection of chemicals can be referred to as a big bomb making haul. Still, what do you care when it is your 'enemies' being smeared? I mean, that never works against you, does it?

BLAIR FEARS BUT ONE THING- A CLEAR HEADED, CAREFUL ANALYSIS OF HIS METHODS. Therefore, he can use the emotions of his enemies agianst them. Blair hates having his psyop programs exposed. Blair hates having his control of the mass media exposed. Blair hates having his black propaganda exposed. Blair hates enemies that refuse to be distracted. What Blair hates, his agents HATE.


Two other media items

17.10.2006 11:40

This story *was* in the Times after all, just a tiny bit of coverage though:

BNP link to explosives charges

Two men linked to the British National party have been charged with possessing chemical explosives after raids on their homes in Lancashire. Robert Cottage, 49, of Colne, and David Jackson, a dentist, of Nelson, have been charged with possession of an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose. Both were remanded in custody.,,2087-2394446,00.html

Also this is another story from the North West Evening Mail:

Rocket launcher ‘found at dentist’s house’
Published on 06/10/2006

A RETIRED Grange dentist is accused of being part of a bomb plot after a record number of explosives were seized in a Lancashire town.

David Bolais Jackson, 62, of Trent Road, Nelson, was arrested on Friday in the Lancaster area after leaving his Grange practice for the last time.

Jackson was charged with being in possession of an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose.

However, it is unclear who or what the intended target might have been.

Police found rocket launchers, chemicals, British National Party literature and a nuclear or biological suit at his home.

The find came shortly after they had recovered 22 chemical components from the house of his alleged accomplice, Robert Cottage, a former BNP election candidate, who lives in Colne.

The haul is thought to be the largest ever found at a house in this country.



18.10.2006 18:36

Hi just wanted to add a correction to the article,

I don't beleive it is racist, I believe it is anti-islam (muslims come in all colours ;-)

Jack Straw, and other high members of the government have began a legal and philosophical war on islam.

I speak to some people at work and no one thought it strange that he would ignite a debate about the 'suspicipous' nature of the islamic faith, during ramadan. Seeing as is stated on a number of occasions that he has a large muslim continuency he had to have know the holy month, and that it would likely increase anti-muslim sentiment and that the right spear-headed by Rupert Murdoch would lauch a propaganda war agaisnt Islam.

Why are they doing this?

Like other indymedia contributors, I believe the goverment and media are setting us up for a war on Iran (sidetracked by the north korea situation). I believe they are creating a highly suspicious, lack of empathetic regard for adherents of Islam, so emotionally it is easy for the public to support war on the middle east muslims, and 'big brother' laws.

I think we indymedia guys need to make sure we email a weekly letter to the sun letters page, eh?

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Chasing a press release

19.10.2006 09:46

I have written, twice now to the Lancashire press unit for an official press release but with no response as yet. Might be an idea if a few people put some pressure on to get some response?

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Court date set for 12 Feb 2007

26.10.2006 08:47

The initial court hearing did get some national media coverage, but only a very little -- not enough to disprove the assertion that the "War on Terror" is a racist sham:

Note that the BBC and C4 both believe the spin from the BNP that he is a "former" member.

Libcom have a new article on the case as well, and oddly they also refer to him as a "former" BNP candidate -- their first article on this case shows that he is still a BNP member and not a "former" one:

Former BNP men face explosives charges

Submitted by Sorry. on Tue, 24/10/2006 - 21:14. UK | Jack Ray | BNP | fascism | terrorism

The BNP candidate appeared before Preston Crown Court

Former BNP candidate, Robert Cottage, and 62 year old dentist David Jackson have been charged with possessing explosives.

Robert Cottage, a BNP candidate in Colne last year, and David Jackson, a dentist from Nelson, Lancashire have been charged with possessing explosives at Preston Crown Court today.

The lawyers for the pair declined to ask for bail and were remanded in custody. A trial is set for February 12th at Manchester Crown Court.

Media interest in the story remains negligible, with the pre-trial hearing, like the initial arrests failing to arouse any interest on the part of the national media. The story does not even appear on the BBC website's frontpage. Left-wing activists who contacted various media outlets to question the blackout were told by the BBC that "editorial staff always have more news reports than can be fitted into the time available" and that insufficient room was available to publish the story more widely.


Just a couple of theories you may find useful

28.10.2006 04:44

Just a couple of theories:

1). Could it be that the Police are concerned that this incident might spark off violence from the Muslim communities in the area? (The Bradford riots and other disturbances in the north of England allegedly followed BNP activity in surrounding districts a few years ago). They are therefore being "politically correct" in playing the whole matter down.

2). Since it is indymedia's collective view that allegations of Islamist terror cells are essentially bogus. Why are you so certain that this plot involving National Socialists will turn out to be any more substantial?


Real or not, that's not the point

28.10.2006 15:03

It doesn't matter whether this particular bomb plot is real or not. What is important is the difference in media coverage between explosives offences concerning Muslims (where the presumption is one of guilt, blanket coverage, shutting down air travel and so on) and explosives offences concerning white salt-of-the-earth Englishmen (where the presumption is so much one of good intent that the media can't, or doesn't, even report on it).