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Genuine Terror Cell Found

wake up | 11.10.2006 10:16 | Analysis | Anti-racism | Repression | Terror War | Sheffield

A fascist terror cell which it is reported involved a rocket launcher, a nuclear biological suit, largest haul of chemicals of its kind discovered in the UK and BNP literature has not made it into the meanstream media -- of course, they are white and not innocent.

The record of the media, police and the, so called, "intelligence" agencies is not good, most the muslim terror cells have been faked, fabricated or manufactured by the "intelligence" agencies themselves, see this for more:

But of course these terror plots are newsworthy and all have endless headlines and new coverage, untill they fact that there was no real plot -- this news is buried in small articles.

What happens when a seemingly genuine terror cell is found?

It is reported in the local media:

Chemicals Find: Two In Court

Ex-BNP man held in 'bomb' swoop

And these reports have quotes from the police:


Superintendent Neil Smith moved to reassure residents and stressed: "It is not a bomb making factory" and added that it was not related to terrorism.

"He's not a terrorist and it's not a bomb factory ..."

"He was arrested under the Explosives Act on suspicion of possessing chemical substances that aren't in themselves an offence to possess but if combined may be capable of making an explosion."


So possessing "the largest amount of chemical explosive of its type ever found in the country" *doesn't* consitute a bomb factory?

This is insane.

These are the only media reports that could be found via Google News about this:

The bomb plot that didn’t make the news headlines

Ex-BNP man charged with explosives

White terrorists don’t make the news

Police arrest BNP members with "record haul" of explosives

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