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Have you got the dreaded Drax flu?

Have you got the dreaded Drax flu? | 15.09.2006 02:01 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London | World

Who feels ill?

Yes it was cold and damp up there. Enough to caused some mild fatigue.

Since being there, in the Climate Camp, I have ben chucking up thick nasty green stuff. You don't need much more detail except I spat some out on a wall and it bounced off. Didn't stick. Too solid.

But recently I met others from the London area who attended for what ever reason. I found everyone has it. We can all sing Barry White songs and sound sexier than the man himself, we laugh and it sounds like strong wind blowing through torn curtains, and we are about to patent a new super glue, produced naturally. I think we'll call it Lung Butter.

So, who else has it?

Just be interested to know.

Comment away.

Have you got the dreaded Drax flu?
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Pollution or worse?

15.09.2006 06:07

Are you sure it is not pollution from the Drax stacks? Flue type symptoms are common to many illnesses. I wouldn't put it past the police either to be using some new form of public protest deterrent. Maybe you were sprayed secretly while being searched or they put something nasty in your bags. The conspiracy theory possibilities are endless.

Whew! Glad I didn't attend that meeting on Tuesday. Wouldn't want to catch it of you carriers. Please keep this newswire informed as to the progress of the illness and let me know when you are all better so that I can stop staying indoors. ;-)



15.09.2006 09:31

blimey, i was at the camp and i've got it, coughing up big globules of the stuff, but i'm not competely sure it was exclusive to people staying at the camp, people in my area have got it as well, but it makes you think doesn't it,



15.09.2006 11:41

interesting you should bring this up 'cause a pal of mine works for the nhs testing blood samples and was investigating a major virus outbreak believed to be centred around the climate camp...they reckon it was some sort of bug/ food poisoning.., sort of thing that goes around schools and hospitals.I'll check to see iof they got to bottom of was presumed it was down to poor hygeine in food preparation...[don't shoot the messenger]....pesky vegan slop most likley,regards

concerned of gipton

me too!

15.09.2006 15:44

Have to say i am pretty worried about this, I have a damaged immune sytem and any extra load may just destroy it! I have felt terrible since the climate camp, very sick, wiped out, coughthing up heavy green mucus, rasping thoat, chest pains and pain in the diagraphagm. please continue to inform us of the latest news


btw, the CC was great though! ,


Oh my god, me too!

15.09.2006 22:50

I've been coughing up thick green sludge like glue all week, and it dribbles from my nose, ears and other holes too. I've had nasty rash develop in several areas and it's scabed up. My knee has been the worst, the scabby area got so bad that my doctor removed my left leg and it grew back the wrong way round. This is serious. Has anyone informed the media? Keep me informed too!


nope i'm fine!

16.09.2006 12:55

I was there for the duration and i am 100% fit, well, as fit as i normaly am.

I know two people who caught a cold there and they are fine too.

Don't be daft sods about state secret chemical weapons and the like, blimey you sound like a load of loons.

ps oscar - your always hacking anyway.


Bad news

16.09.2006 14:54

I too was at the climate camp and expirenced the same symptoms,in fact so bad that I regret to inform you that i died of it last wednesday!!



10.10.2006 12:13

Intersting that for a group of people who claim to love the natural environment, your love hasnt matured to understandign it as well. Perhaps this is bacuase the camp was actually more about anarchism and dissent, rathern than the environment. What you are all suffering from is the ill effects of drinking grey water. Thsi is a common malaise in societies where they have no development or effective central governance to implement proper santitation, I guess that malaise is a price worth paying according to your one-dimensional political minds.

the doctor