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Have you got the dreaded Drax flu?

Have you got the dreaded Drax flu? | 15.09.2006 02:01 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London | World

Who feels ill?

Yes it was cold and damp up there. Enough to caused some mild fatigue.

Since being there, in the Climate Camp, I have ben chucking up thick nasty green stuff. You don't need much more detail except I spat some out on a wall and it bounced off. Didn't stick. Too solid.

But recently I met others from the London area who attended for what ever reason. I found everyone has it. We can all sing Barry White songs and sound sexier than the man himself, we laugh and it sounds like strong wind blowing through torn curtains, and we are about to patent a new super glue, produced naturally. I think we'll call it Lung Butter.

So, who else has it?

Just be interested to know.

Comment away.

Have you got the dreaded Drax flu?
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