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Repeal the Hitlerian Civil Contingencies Act

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD | 17.07.2006 06:51 | Repression | Social Struggles

The Civil Contingencies Act, passed in November 2004, places the anti-democratic New Labour Government in the same position Hitler's Enabling Act placed the Nazi German Government. It permits the calling of a state of Emergency and the total abolition of democracy and individual rights --- i.e. Dictatorship Acts. Few people know anything about the contents of the CCA. (Few MPs to this day seem to know much about it.) We better learn quick, I say.

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD
Concerned Citizens Information Network

REPEAL the extremely dangerous, Hitlerian CIVIL CONTINGENCIES ACT (enacted 18th November 2004)

Scaremongering, and using other unethical tactics which severely limited Parliamentary debate, the New Labour Government -- with the connivance of the hierarchies of the other major Parties -- pushed through the most dangerous Bill in the history of Britain.

Strikingly reminiscent of Adolf Hitler's Enabling Act which allowed him to legally set up a dictatorship, the Civil Contingencies Act is a flat-out Dictatorship Act.

MPs did nothing to protect British democracy and civil rights. Many Peers denounced the "absolute power" granted by the Bill, but did nothing. Lord Lucas even warned, "We are signing our death warrant as a democracy", but he did next to nothing.

The unconscionable Civil Contingencies Act, believe it or not:

* allows Government ministers to call for a State of Emergency for almost any reason under the sun

* allows the Government, under the Emergency, to make, amend or repeal Acts of Parliament as if It were Parliament and Crown --- the powers of an absolute dictatorship

[Hitler's Enabling Act, article 2: "Laws decided by the Government of the Reich may deviate from the provisions of the constitution." Blair's Enabling Act, clause 22 (3): Emergency regulations may make provision of any kind that could be made by Act of Parliament or by exercise of the Royal Prerogative."; and may (clause 22, 3, j) "disapply or modify an enactment or a provision made under or by virtue of an enactment".]

--- would therefore allow by decree the surrender of the British nation to the European Union empire; approval for GM food and crops; privatisation of pensions and the NHS, etc.

* allows the ordering of any individual to do, or not do, almost anything demanded by the Government

* allows the confiscation or destruction of property without compensation (including farm animals and pets, bank accounts and stock, anything you own ("property")

* allows the banning of people meeting together (based on other legislation, this may mean a gathering of more than 2 persons)

* allows the prohibition of movement, or can compel movement (can keep you confined to your house, or force you out of it)

* allows the cutting off of communication between you and others

* allows a prison sentence for "failing to comply" with any order (and do not forget here the confiscation-of-property-without-compensation threat)

* allows the deployment of the Army

As the Earl of Onslow said in Parliament, this legislation is unnecessary, for emergencies can be handled with current laws.

No-one dreamt of such a Hitlerian Bill during World War I, World War II, and the Northern Ireland Troubles. Only the New Labour Government (that persistently lied about Iraq and waged a war of aggression there) has done it.

There has been a corrosion of the moral fabric of British government -- MPs, Peers, Judiciary.

The Citizens of Great Britain must become informed, and politically activated, to understand and devotedly oppose the immense dangers the United Kingdom faces from Without (the giant corporation-dominated EU empire) and from Within.

Action to Repeal the Civil Contingencies Act:

(a) Inform and activate others

(b) Contact newspapers about it -- especially the Independent, the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Daily Mail.

(c) Call, write, meet with your MP (preferably with one, two or three other people) about this. (MPs have proven shockingl ignorant on the subject, having voted for something they knew little if anything about, swallowing the Blair New Labour lie that it was a mere updating of old legislation.)

(d) Direct Action --- publicise this Hitlerian Act

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD
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Try reading it...

17.07.2006 08:19

Of course you could read the details yourself, rather than this Daily Mail inspired rant!

As it replaces the 1924 Emergency Powers and the 1947 Civil Defence Act it's nothing new. But please don't let that stand in the way of a bit of scare mongering.....

Two sides

Badly drafted, no doubt in a panic. But no more dangerous than royal prerogative

17.07.2006 11:05

I've been stimulated enough to glance through this waste of legislative time.

It appears to need the threat of "serious damage" and defines "damage" but not serious so will inevitably involve the courts if used.

The magic words "reasonably practical" are there to enable avoidance of the sunset clauses to the "Regulations" (30 days with the approval of Parliament, seven without) but again are directions as to the subsequent argument in court.

The Act itself has no sunset clause, a seemingly serious oversight well worth an amedment.

But generally it's bollocks since the Royal Prerogative gives the First Lord of the Treasury carte blanche to dictatorship anyway.

Onslow was correct -- existing Law covers it, as it does the Terrorism Act but full repeal would use up even more Parliamentary time. On the other hand that would keep the fools of Former Labour occupied and away from wrecking the place for a day or two.

Methinks this does not indicate "existing circumstances" for the beheading of the Prime Minister.

Mike Dobson