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Student uprising as Caravan visits Athens

AA IMC | 07.06.2006 13:13 | Art and Activism Caravan 2006 | Education | Social Struggles

Since the beginning of this week, members of the AA Caravan have been working with students at the Politecnik University in Athens. The students have occupied their university in solidarity with their striking tutors as well as raising their concern over the proposed changes to the education law and privatisation of the Greek educational system. In the last few weeks almost all of the universities and colleges in Greece have been occupied by the majority of their students. After lectures and teachers went on a national strike in a long lasting dispute over pay, students around the country took over more than 300 buildings and university grounds.

Last week demonstrations took place all over Greece. In the city of Tessaloniky over 5000 students took to the street, in Athens over 7000, when other protests happenend in smaller cities and towns across the country. Many demonstrations were marred by police violence in an attempt to portray the students in a bad light. A few days ago student assemblies agreed to continue their occupations and a 15.000 strong demonstration in Athens on Thursday (June 8th) was met with huge quantities of tear gas.

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Video: Undercurrents news channel | Greek students occupy universities (video/mp4 2.5M) + Greek version (video/mpeg 3.2M)

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Since the violent suppression of the students uprising in 1973 (a tank broke through the gates at the Politecnik University and killed many), an amnesty is in place for all universities, schools and churches in Greece, meaning police and some other government bodies are not allowed to enter its grounds. Politicians in the Greek parliament are now calling for this law to be changed as they want to gain access, arguing they have become a haven of political dissent.

Film screenings have been taking place every night and Undercurrents film channel will stream the films made during the AA Caravan. Check out the news channel at To view this channel, please download the application at: