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Tamil Councillor starts Five Day Fast

Peter Marshall | 02.06.2006 22:34 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | World

Harrow councillor Thaya Idaikkadar today began a five day vigil without food and water in Parliament Square, supported by other members of the Tamil community in the UK. (photos)

Thaya Idaikkadar
Thaya Idaikkadar

Brian Haw talks to Thaya Idaikkadar
Brian Haw talks to Thaya Idaikkadar

Tamils are horrified by the continuing repression in Sri Lanka and demonstrated to draw attention to the increasing violence against the Tamil populaton and the imminent threat of civil war in that country.

Idaikkadar, a British Citizen of Sri Lankan origin, is a diabetic, and the fast could put his health in particular danger. A team of doctors will work in shifts through the vigil to supervise his condition.

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short film interview

02.06.2006 23:46

short film interview - video/mp4 3.8M

no restrictions on these placards
no restrictions on these placards

thaya idaikkadar began his hunger strike in parliament square today at noon. in this short video he explains his reasons for this protest.

thaya sought authorisation under the socpa legislation for this demo, and unlike brian haw, has been given no conditions on his demo at all.

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