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Auntie Censer | 30.05.2006 12:31 | Globalisation | Indymedia | Repression

"Chat rooms monitored. Blogs deleted. Websites blocked. Search engines restricted. People imprisoned for simply posting and sharing information."

Whatever you might think of Amnesty Int - try their new website urging us all to 'publish the unpublishable'

What can you loose but your freedom? Anyone who publishes 'anti-govt, anti-PTB' information already has an NSA/FBI/Mossad file on them anyway.

Even Indymedia seems not immune to pressure (try publishing on the Washington site, f'rinstance!!) - note my last post on the possibly soon to be knobbled excellent documentary on 911 - 'Loose Change 2' that 'somehow' lost its title bar (although it shows up okay in the archive page)... might for a while at least be a better bet for global issues govts seem utterly determined to squash at any cost...

Auntie Censer