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ASBO sentences given to DSEI protestors.

Lumsk | 26.05.2006 13:54 | DSEi 2005 | Indymedia | Repression | London

Indefinite ASBO 's were just one of the sentences given to DSEI protestors at Snaresbrook Crown Court on the 24th May 2006.

A more full account of the court case will be published when those defendants involved have had a chance to consult with their legal council.However it is only right to report that the judge in the case was determined to sentence the protestors with indefinte ASBO's as well as community service orders, and for one person a six month suspended sentence. There was some legal argument as to the legitimacy of imposing an ASBO for such an offence appertaining to the circumstances. and this will continue no doubt through the courts. But suffice to say this appeared to be an opportunity taken by the judge to test the use of ASBO's on people arrested for being involved in protest.



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