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Anti Scam website attacked

stopecg | 15.05.2006 20:10 | Free Spaces | Technology

A website which exposes a number of directory scams as well as the men behind them has been subjected to a denial of service attack, a spam attack was targeted at the site author

Anti scam site was temporarily disabled over the weekend in a denial of service attack which site author Jules Woodell suspects was orchestrated some of the con artists exposed on the site. In his most recent blog post he notes 2 attacks, first a spam campaign against his online business, followed by the DOS attack on, apparently another individual who runs a website exposing the scams was targeted in a similar way.

In a previous blog Post he notes how a defamation website has been set up against him since he played a part in the naming of the man behind the scams, Meinolf Lüdenbach. The site in question describes Indymedia as an anarchist website!

Previous attacks against have taken the route of legal threats which were thwarted when an MEP intervened and the lawyer responsible was shamed in the mainstream media.

Meanwhile Lüdenbach's scams continue unabated,

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16.05.2006 10:27

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