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Huge Month of Anti-War Demonstrations

D. Burbeck | 04.04.2006 15:57 | March 18 Anti War Protest | Anti-militarism

Not to mention the immigration bill protests, March
saw massive demonstrations all over the world. Two
international action days - International Woman's
Day, and the Iraq War anniversary - brought
hundreds of thousands out protesting the war
and the Bush Administration.

The weekend of the 18th, some cities had actions both
days as the war moved into it's fourth year. San Francisco
held "8 days of anarchy" which started the 14th to mark the
repulsive occasion. London had the largest as the crowd
grew to an estimated 100,000. Organizers stated that over
500 cities participated in the US.

On International Woman's Day, women held demonstrations
and vigils all over the world against the Iraq war in some cases
in bitter cold wind and rain. In DC, they marched "to the White
House to deliver the Women's Call for Peace and more than
100,000 signatures."

Military recruiting stations in Lansing, Raliegh, Lakewood, Oh, Harlem
and Northern Illinois University saw protests even though these protesters
are being labeled as terrorists by the NSA and the DIA.

"Cindy sheehan (Medea Benjamin and two others were) roughed up by
police. Had permisson to deliver petition (at the United Nations), but it
was withdrawn later by someone high up."

Demonstrations at the homes of gov't. officials continued with protests at
Cheney's and Spector's home, Feinstein's, Hastert's, and Wyden's office, the
White House, the offices of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Halliburton,
Bechtel, Carlyle Group, and the entrance to a Raytheon missle system plant.
Also, "Activists marched on the Pentagon, on March 20, 2006. In a direct
action, a symbolic coffin was hoisted over a fence by the protesters at the

"Two activists were arrested ........... at the House Appropriations
Committee hearing. ...............Voices for Creative Nonviolence, interrupted
the hearing to call for an end to funding of the war against Iraq."

As Bush visited India and Pakastan in the first week of the month, many
cities there erupted for several days as thousands took to the streets. "A
nationwide strike ...... paralysed Pakistan on Friday ahead of the arrival
of U.S. President George W. Bush a day after a suicide car bomber
killed an American diplomat and two other people." He, and Condi also,
were met with protests at several other speech appearances.

"Vancouver's "Death of Democracy" funeral procession was over thirty
cars long, following a truck-caisson carrying a flag-draped casket."

"Ray McGovern and 15 others took action today in the halls of Congress.
The 16 donned orange jumpsuits similar to those worn by detainees at
Guant namo Bay. They wore gags over their mouths decorated with
one word - torture. Not another word needed to be said as they walked
the halls of Congress. McGovern, a 27-year veteran of the CIA, also
returned his Intelligence Commendation Award Medallion which was
given to him for "especially commendable service." He delivered the
medal to Congressman Pete Hoekstra..........."

Two small towns in Vermont voted "to initiate impeachment proceedings
against Bush".

The most gruelling demonstration was "A 241 mile march that aimed
at ensuring that the Latino voice of opposition to the War is heard loud
and clear across the Americas," started in Tijuana and ended in San

For these and over 190 reports from March, see Protest News:

D. Burbeck


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