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Northern Class War Organising - May 1st

North East Class War | 23.03.2006 10:15 | Mayday 2006 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Sheffield

Utilising the Haymarket martyrs anniversary and the 80th anniversary of the start of the General Strike. Class War are inviting Northern unaffiliated anarchists and working class activists to a day long event in Doncaster - celebrating the finest rebellious working class traditions.

Here's an event that northern anarchists may want to be involved in - those from Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, etc can travel easily to this event.

Class War and others are organising practical politics up north, and have some things planned for the summer and beyond.

Monday 1st MAY

Miners Lock-out and General Strike

80 th Anniversary Commemoration

Monday 1st MAY

The Woolpack Pub’ Market Place.



Film: The Miners Film (Cinema Action)

Presentation: The bitter lock-out, Days of hope in the General Strike, and the betrayal by the TUC.
David Douglass. National Union Mineworkers.

Debate and discussion - 21st Century class war .

Folk Music Social: with Toe'in'the Dark.

Organised by Mining Communities Advice Service in conjunction with the National Union of Mineworkers,
The Industrial Workers of The World (IWW)
Doncaster Class War and
North East Class War.

North East Class War
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