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Belated Pictures of London March 18th Demonstration

Camera Boy | 21.03.2006 22:09 | March 18 Anti War Protest | Anti-militarism | Cambridge | London

Pictures from Saturday, March 18th 2006, the big Stop The War demonstration, which marked the third anniversary of the second Iraq War, and was also part of a global day of protest, including anti war demos in Iraq itself.



Peace signs...
Peace signs...

Fortress Parlaiment and Percussionists...
Fortress Parlaiment and Percussionists...

...and the Peace Pilgrims' Progress.
...and the Peace Pilgrims' Progress.

As usual, this demo seemed to encompass all sections of society who are against the ongoing slaughter of innocents currently taking place in Iraq, under the auspices of Neo Labour and Neocons conspiring together.

Although, ominously, this time, there were also "Don't Attack Iran" placards appearing too.

I recall a running joke amongst activists back in 2003 that we'd better get ready to erase the 'q' from 'Iraq' on our banners and replace it with an 'n'.

It does seem that our puns have become fact.

I sincerely hope that we don't have to occupy our streets and walk out of workplaces again, due to the misguided imperialist folly of people who seem to be letting the power they have go to their heads.

...Or is it somewhere else it's going to, as they don't seem to be using their grey matter much at all these days, preferring instead to waste lives and money on delusions of grandeur, and securing supply lines of an energy source that is already wrecking the planet, and that for the sake of all our futures we should be weaning ourselves off of before it's too late.

This was also the first time I'd seen Fortress Parlaiment.

This is the home of democracy is it, surrounded by high steel mesh fences, CCTV, immovable street barricades and sometimes even gun wielding Police officers..?

More like a state of paranoia, as envisaged all those years ago by George Orwell - real name, ironically Eric Blair.

It seems to me the best medicine of all for this country (and the rest of the world) is to get rid of these jokers who claim to be in control, and get someone with fresh ideas, and who better understands what freedom of speech REALLY is, instead of all the doublespeak (Newspeak?) we hear about 'protecting' it, when it's actually being legislated away before our eyes...

But, you look at what else is on offer and wonder who that might be, which is also why many millions of people don't vote any more, as they all seem to be identikit parties with lookalike policies.

I, like many others have come to the conclusion that the only way to change things is to actually get out on the streets and do it yourself, so, Mr.Phoney Liar watch your back scumboy, because this movement against your wars isn't going away.

If we can't have your head on a stick, we'll try for the next best thing - IMPEACHMENT!!

That's what sociopathic mass murderers like you deserve.

Just because you see us smiling and dancing on the streets, it doesn't mean to say we're not pissed off about what you're doing, Mr.B-liar.

I hope you'll forgive my overlong text, but, I had to get this stuff off my chest!

My sermon endeth here.

Camera Boy


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Picture sizes

22.03.2006 10:46

We're naturally all thrilled to see your pictures from last week, but ganging them up like this means you need a monitor the size of Rickmansworth to view them. Why don't you make them 500 pixels across instead?
Also, and this may be being picky, it's a newswire so maybe get the stuff up there promptly rather than wait until you've scripted your thought for the day...

Old grouch

Replies to the above...

22.03.2006 12:10

So far as picture sizes goes, I arranged them in blocks, not only so they could be themed as groups of images, but, also to limit the amount of media uploads - there are only five actual media files, as opposed to 24 if I'd uploaded them separately, meaning the download time will be a lot faster for visitors.

As for the width, well, every graphical web browser has a scroll bar at the bottom, so use it!

The reason I was late posting the story is because I have a life beyond activism (shock! horror!), meaning I didn't have time to post it before.

The 'thought for the day' was actually not pre-composed, but written straight from the heart. Anything else would be a contrivance.

Camera boy

Thanks for the pics

23.03.2006 11:17

Nice pics, Camera Boy, - thanks for those.


Nice to know I'm appreciated!

23.03.2006 12:47

Thanx for that, 'Buzz'.

This was all the more of an achievement against the odds, in that my digital camera decided to pack up halfway through the demo!


Camera Boy