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The call to action, March 18th 2006

WSF | 18.03.2006 18:14 | March 18 Anti War Protest | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | World

Back in January the Assembly of the Social Movements, and the World Social Forum being held in Venezuela, issued the following call to action...

atement of the Assembly of the Social Movements, World Social Forum, Venezuela, January 29th 2006

March 18th: International day of mobilisation against the occupation of Iraq.

Against the war and occupations. No more wars. Peace is the only solution.

We demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq and an end to the privatisation of energy resources.

We oppose all occupations by foreign troops and demand an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. We call for the creation of an independant Palestinian state.

We oppose intervention in Syria, Iran and Latin American countries, for example Plan Colombia and the presence of foreign military bases. We also oppose the use of economic blockades as a weapon of war, as used for example against Cuba.

We call for the the elimination of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

We demand respect for human rights, civil liberties and an end to torture, kidnappings and illegal detentions including secret prisons.

We call for participation in the Cairo Conference in Egypt on the 23 to the 26th March against US hegemonyand the occupation of Iraq.

We call to everyone to mobilise on March 18th 2006 for a day of global protest against the occupation of Iraq as part of the campaign to get the troops out.



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18.03.2006 22:54

Reclaim the "Orange Revolution"

Don't Give Up, Don't Accept Anything Less


27.03.2006 22:43

You should be carefull with "we". I could give a shit about the abandonment of these "weapons of mass destruction", this is a political party legitimizing term used to bring about a consent effect for war in Iraq. It's propaghanda. In any case, we need some kind of common ground, the end of power structures for instance. This can be implemented even now, like not making a revolutionary contract at the forefront of anti-war protest for instance. Not manufacturing a voice for all of us.
The power structure needs to be as much dismembered in protest as it does in overall society.

Protest free of your demands = Demand for free society.




08.02.2007 19:18

It's true that te present power structure is Corrupt with a capital 'C'

However, whilst the Loony-left twins of Sawyer and Soley abuse their Labour brothers they distract the masses with empty talk of politically correct rot, racist crap and weapons of mass deception, whilst they distract us, they eat out of the trough of plenty and corrupt our political system by introducing more unaccountability and are both appointed Labour Lords with their gold plated pension package in the House of Lords.

How is it possible to deconstrct the power structure - as the ones who talk the most take the spoils...

Sorry, but I wasn't born yesterday.