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Israel's nuclear arsenal causes global crisis: Daily

Islamic Republican News Agency | 01.11.2005 06:10

To clarify a few points the media ignored, while it was busy yelling about how bad this Iranian leader is.

Tuesday November 01, 2005
Israel's nuclear arsenal causes global crisis: Daily
Tehran, Oct 31, IRNA

A morning daily Monday warned against expansion of nuclear arsenal of the Zionist entity saying it would eventually cause a global crisis.

Criticizing the world "hasty" reaction to the recent remarks of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 'Tehran Times' said, "Iran feels duty-bound to warn the world of the existence of Israel's nuclear arsenal."
Speaking during a conference last week, Ahmadinejad underlined the need to put an end to all Zionist ways of thinking. His statement was met "with hasty reactions by some pro-Israeli countries," said the English-language paper.

"Although the Iranian nation has shouted slogans against the Zionist regime since 1979, these slogans have never meant a physical confrontation with Israel but rather referred to the need to wipe out all Zionist ways of thought, which never recognize anyone else's right to live freely," it said.

It further explained, "When one talks about the annihilation of Israel, it does not mean the genocide of the Jewish people, but rather a non-violent confrontation with Zionist schools of thought, which are endangering the Middle East and the entire world."
Noting that Israel is currently threatening world peace and security with its nuclear arsenal, the article said the fact that Israel possesses nine facilities for production of fission nuclear weapons as well as hydrogen and neutron bombs "is a real threat to the world and particularly the critical Middle East region."
stressing that millions of Muslims all over the world are in consensus that Zionism is the enemy of humanity, the paper said, "Indeed, it is odd that the world has remained silent about Israel's refusal to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) but opposes Iran's civilian nuclear activities."
It further argued that Israeli officials "constantly threaten to attack Iran's nuclear installations, goaded on by international organizations and Western countries."
"Although the Islamic Republic is extremely reluctant to raise political tension in the pressure cooker of the Middle East, it feels duty-bound to warn the world of the existence of Israel's nuclear arsenal," it noted.

Urging the international organizations and Western countries to seek a solution, the article stressed that they, especially the West, should take Tehran's warnings "seriously."
It further argued that continuation of the current situation, i.e.

the mass production of prohibited weapons by the Zionist regime, will eventually trigger an arms race in the Middle East that will cause a global crisis.

"The United States and other Western countries are actually trying to raise a brouhaha over a single statement by an Iranian official so they can divert attention from the ever-increasing crimes the Zionists are committing against the innocent Palestinians," said the daily in conclusion.

Islamic Republican News Agency
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