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Student Anti-Racist Campaign

ruuuuuuuuuth | 10.10.2005 16:22 | Anti-racism | Liverpool

As the new semester starts and the fresh blood arrives in Liverpool, the Guild of Students anti racist campaign kickstarts in preparation for the October 22nd demonstation....

non-racists are handy people to have around
non-racists are handy people to have around

!This week will see the launch of the Guild of Students Anti-Racist Campaign!

Welcome to students and real people.... this will be a perfect opportunity for those who hate racism and want to create a united and safe campus and city.

When: Thursday 13th October at mid-day

Where: Guild of Students, Mount Pleasant in the Harold Wilson Room,

Who: Pav Akhtar (National Black Students Officer) and a speaker from the Campaign Against Racial Terrorism

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